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On the news station Facebook pages the number of Goldy supporters has dropped to a fraction.  She's a vile POS.

The 14 words is a White Supremacist pledge to protect the 'white race'. 

And good old Conrad Black defended her and tried to yank John Tory into his corner:

she made some bad choices in accepting invitations to appear on the fringe outlets that would have her. She has at times been coy about using the third-rail 14-word catchphrase of some egregious white supremacists: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children,” provocatively making the point that by changing “white” to various other non-white adjectives neutralizes any offence. She is technically correct that the words are unexceptionable, but she should have known better than to create any perception that she gives credence to white supremacist ideas.

So the idea is that she says you should be able to say 'white' if you are able to say other races instead.  It's a fake argument, and pretends that there is no such thing as context.