Author Topic: Edmonton Pride Festival 2019 canceled.  (Read 851 times)

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Re: Edmonton Pride Festival 2019 canceled.
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Somebody needs to remind BLM that though police are not perfect and do some bad things sometimes to people of colour, they do a hell of a lot more good for them than harm. For instance, young black men kill each other at extraordinarily high rates, and the only thing preventing all-out gang wars and uncontrollable street shootings in those communities are the cops who patrol those neighbourhoods.

Go to Jamaica or Trinidad or Haiti or the whole of sub-Saharan Africa and see what it's like to not have police enforcing the rule of law.

Cops are afraid of young black men, and young black men are afraid of cops.  Both have good reasons to be afraid.  But most cops are good people, and so are most young black men.  We need to end this dividing nonsense.
I can tell how good of a person you are by how you treat the people you disagree with.