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Re: Doug Ford Helps the Poor
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    For one thing - Ford WILL NOT encourage Toronto Transit Commission to waste even more cash on electric TOY vehicles! Nor will Ford waste govt revenue on subsidies for electric TOY cars!           

For those who think that a LIE-beral created electric car business might somehow be good for us- I offer up this older article as rebuttal. With some comments of my own in brackets):

TTC hybrid bus batteries losing their power

Globe and Mail/ Jeff Gray Toronto City Hall Reporter/ Published May 16, 2008
Updated March 27, 2017

The box-like batteries on top of the Toronto Transit Commission's brand new and premium-priced hybrid electric-diesel buses are lasting only half as long as their manufacturer promised.

(So there is the first LIE- that electric vehicles will be reliable!)

They were supposed to last five years, but about a third of the lead-acid battery cells in use in the current fleet of 275 hybrids - which started arriving in 2006 - have already worn out, Gary Webster, the TTC's chief general manager, said in an interview.

(And why use lead acid batteries instead of lithium? Lets guess and suggest that lead-acid will not hold as large a charge as lithium but it will hold it longer- such as when a device is only intermittently used- and lead-acid is probably more resistant to cold than lithium! WE know - for instance that a lithium battery suffers major loss of power at temperatures below 10 celcius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

The battery failures come on top of TTC testing that has shown the buses are producing just half the expected fuel savings, using just 10 per cent instead of 20 to 30 per cent less diesel than a conventional bus, although TTC officials expect this number to improve.

(So there is there next LIE! The usual extravagant promises of advertisers that LIE-berals want us to swallow- along with the cost over runs!)

Still, Mr. Webster defends the decision to buy the Orion VII hybrids - which cost $734,000, compared with $500,000 for a conventional bus. He says the TTC and the manufacturer, Daimler Buses North America, are trying to sort out the battery problem, which is covered by the warranty and not costing the TTC money.

(OH! TYPICAL LIE-beral value for money- a fifty percent higher price and drastically reduced performance- what a BARGAIN! And sadly it’s a better deal than electric cars which cost TWICE as much as gas cars!)

"We think the hybrid bus is a good bus. That's the bottom line for us. It's got some issues, absolutely," Mr. Webster said. "... We think we're going to address these issues."

(And others think Webster is dreaming in technicolour about fixing a mess created by inadequate technology being asked to go beyond its natural capacity!)

By year's end, the TTC will have 564 hybrid buses - making up about a third of its bus fleet - with much of the cost of buying them covered by the federal and provincial governments in funding that mandated buses using alternative fuels. Within five years, close to half of the TTC's fleet is scheduled to have hybrid engines.

(AS I have said before- THE ONLY REASON WE HAVE an electric vehicle “industry” is due to LIE-beral bribery of that business! Every time LIE-berals meddle in business for political reasons- huge bills and public failure follow!)

But Adam Giambrone, the city councillor who chairs the TTC, said the battery problems mean the jury is still out on whether the buses were a good investment: "We're still formulating our opinion on the hybrids."

(The jury is “still out” regarding the busses says Giambrone? CLEARLY ONLY LIE-berals are on that jury! Tax payers HAVE decided already! Giambrone later got fired as TTC chair and the David Miller govt that supported him was defeated in a subsequent election!)

He said the hybrid engine could be a "transitional technology" and that down the road, electric buses could come onto the market, or the TTC could, on busier routes, even return to using trolley buses - powered by overhead wires like streetcars - which it abandoned in the 1990s.

(Apparently “transitional technology ” is LIE-beral speak meaning “ we will go ahead with this mess regardless of public disgust and we will ignore public opinion for selfish political reasons!)

Mr. Webster said yesterday that New York has had some similar problems with its fleet of Orion VII hybrids.

(In other words- TTC brass KNEW there would be trouble with the vehicles due to reports from New York City- and yet they chose to forge ahead anyway- buying vehicles that cost FIFTY PERCENT MORE than older vehicles and with the new vehicles seriously lacking in mechanical reliability! This is political meddling on a fantastic and utterly disgraceful scale! The ONLY defense LIE-berals offer us is this: “don’t worry- we are dreaming of a brighter future in which we MAY do better in some future time”!)   

But Jake Keyes, a spokesman for Daimler, which runs the former Orion Bus Industries plant in Mississauga where the buses are partly manufactured, said the battery problem was specific to Toronto's buses and has not occurred with its other hybrid buses running in New York and San Francisco.

(The battery problem is unique to Toronto? How so? Did TTC ask for technical changes? Or did Daimler make changes on its own to reduce the price to make the busses more appealing for the Toronto market- did they make battery changes that made unique trouble for Toronto busses? Sounds like public relations advertising and B.S. artists are hard at work to protect LIE-berals and electric vehicle image  here!)

The company's newer models include a different, lithium-ion battery that Mr. Keyes said lasts longer, but Mr. Webster said the TTC is not convinced the new battery will fix its problem.

"... We've said to them, 'Happy to consider it, but you've got to prove to us these things actually function,' " he said.

(Proof is very definitely needed at this time! Especially as lithium batteries likely cost more than lead-acid? But that is a hallmark of “emerging” technology- up selling the dis-satisfied customer with new and improved promises until either the customer gives up and shops elsewhere or the company producing the technology goes bankrupt!) 

(And here it is ten years on since the first battery busses went into operation- anybody curious how many are still on the road? LIE-berals do not say! And yet we STILL operate electric street cars that are over 50 years old!)

It is common for transit agencies to run into kinks with new vehicles, and the TTC has had problems before, including with vehicles running on compressed natural gas that it bought from Orion Bus Industries in the 1990s.

It has had to scrap 50 of those buses and convert another 50 to diesel, after engine problems, potentially leaky gas tanks and other complaints.

(TTC brass have dealt with and been RIPPED OFF by Orion in the past? AND still TTC bought the latest B.S? Just how bankrupt is Toronto that they would close their eyes and blindly forge ahead secure in the knowledge that it is ONLY federal transfer funding they are WASTING on shaky Orion promises?)

The TTC blames its hybrid buses' fuel-economy problems on the fact that they are being used more on suburban high-speed routes, where hybrid engines are less efficient.

(And NOBODY thought to ASK if suburban high speed routes were suitable for these delicate electric buses with their myriad mechanical shortcomings?) 

Once more of the buses are running on stop-and-go congested routes downtown, Mr. Webster says, their fuel economy numbers should go up as the bus can rely more on the electric power it creates with its regenerative braking system.

(IN other words Rube Goldberg just took over management of the faulty and over delicate machinery! HAHAHAHA!!! Busses are supposed to go where the passengers are- NOT where its handy for limited technology to operate! But this IS the LIE-beral version of reality- in socialist eyes it’s the stupid passengers who line up in wrong places that are behind the bus failures! It is NOT the fault of weak and limited technology- so LIE-berals will INSIST!)

The fuel-economy problems, which likely cost the TTC $1.3-million this year, are a small part of what is expected to be a massive rise in diesel costs as a fixed-price contract for fuel runs out at the end of this year.

The TTC estimates that its fuel bill could go to $97-million next year from $65-million this year, and Mr. Webster has said the transit agency may even consider a "fuel surcharge" for riders.

(IN other words TTC took a desperate gamble- betting on the battery buses with their KNOWN limitations in hope that the busses would perform better in Toronto than in New York! This is the usual LIE-beral dilemma- the price of fuel is rising and public tolerance for socialist spendaholics is fading- while socialist politicians NEED more gravy for their Hog allies! So they ganlbed and bought huegly expensive busses in desperate hope that they could save some fuel costs and thus have gravy to pass on to Hogs!)

(And there is ALL of LIE-beral policy and planning in a nutshell- just as self proclaimed and staunch LIE-beral supporter Peter Newman said in his book “When The Gods Changed” that details LIE-beral political fortunes after the Chretien era! LIE-beral pal Newman told us the modern LIE-beral party had no significant values, no real policy, no guiding pricniples or morals- all they now have is a huge lust for power and a conviction they are entitled to be the ruling power! This is why LIE-berals can shrug off the costs of all manner of financial disasters they have thrown on us! LIE-berals are convinced they  ARE ENTITLED to over rule us whenever they feel like it! And anybody who disagrees is some sort of racist! Based on current evidence the future will NOT be battery powered!)