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Re: Doug Ford Helps the Poor
« Reply #60 on: November 01, 2020, 04:16:24 pm »
          Doug Ford is the perfect leader for our insane times! He is thick skinned and willing to throw sh+t back at his selfish civil service union HOG detractors!           

 It is a dark time to be a Lie-beral in Canada. The Lie-beral brand is now associated with all manner of trickery and deceit, seasoned with a nice helping of incompetence-as they handle money BADLY and LIE poorly about it! Lie-berals are now grasping desperately at straws in a futile effort to save themselves from political oblivion  and the latest `straw` is a pathetic attempt to `prove` that being Conservative is a mental disorder! The Lie-beral argument starts (as most of them do) with one fact and then flies off into cuckoo land with half truths, evasions of reality and distortions of logic.

The Lie-beral points out that Conservatives apparently have a larger `fear centre` in their brains than Lie-berals far, its possible. Then the Lie-beral tries to suggest this is a bad thing. As if being better at recognizing threats and dangers and therefore being better at long term planning to avoid trouble as a consequence is a fault!

One has only to look at Ontari-owe premier McWynnty-known to some as The Great **** because she has sold herself, her party and OUR FUTURE to the civil service Hogs of Working Family Coalition.

For years, Lie-berals have fed the Working Family Hogs a steady diet of rich gravy in order to BUY their votes at election time and thus keep Lie-berals in power. But feeding the Hogs is a dangerous game-much like feeding Grizzly Bears in Banff.....oh yes, you get a great photo op if you handle it right......but you get MAULED if you do it wrong!

When the food runs out the danger are just as likely to get mauled by angry bears as by angry Hogs-both of whom had quickly come to the notion that YOUR food was OWED to them as an entitlement!

This is why LIE-berals no longer rule Ontari-owe and why Our idiot Boy is in such trouble in Ottawa as well! The gravy is GONE.....the amount of red ink flowing across all LIE-beral govt books is now so great that it is even scaring Lie-berals in spite of their stunted little brain fear centres and limited ability to spot threats approaching! Poor little Wynne-bag -with her stunted little brain she never saw the Hog danger approaching!

Even worse, for years, Lie-berals closed their eyes to the gross conflict of interest engaged in by Working Family Hogs-the Hogs spent HUGE sums of money on election advertising supporting Lie-berals in defiance of fair election funding rules while Lie-berals looked the other way; secure in the knowledge that civil service Working Family was doing the dirty work-not Lie-berals and knowing that anybody who complained would be seeking help from Election Canada Hogs who also  support Lie-berals!!!!!

If corporate CEO`s had intervened in an election in such a way the Hogs and Lie-berals would have screamed for criminal charges and jail time but since Lie-berals and Hogs were benefitting there was no harm nor any foul.....just too bad for Conservative victims.....

But that was then and this is now.....the Gravy is gone and the Hogs are HUNGRY! They are getting into Grizzly BEAR mode and now looking to maul the Lie-berals for that sudden lack of gravy! The Hogs are so angry that Wynne-bagre is now changing election law to prevent the Hogs from picking on HER in the next election....she is afraid that Hogs will give their support to NDP candidates in future and that the hopes of Justin Trudope and his federal Lie-berals will be ruined next October thanks to Ontari-owe Lie-beral failure to recognize impending threats!

And of course Ontari-owe Hog teachers (as well as all other Working Family Hogs) are planning apply massive pressure and propaganda next fall to force government to give them more gravy.....just as Justin Trudope and his gang try to get re-elected.                     

Perhaos we should pity poor Justin Trudope. In his happy `what, me worry?` Lie-beral Ignorance, he assumed that he could become a great leader courtesy of nice hair, a polite manner, and some bland political platitudes recycled from speeches his father gave 30 years ago!

Sadly, there are things he overlooked. Things such as He doesn’t have any more gravy to hand out to Hogs either and is looking at the same THREATENING Hog switch to NDP!

Or what about the Russian Bear grabbing chunks of Ukraine and bullying much of Europe with Putin cast as a latter day Hitler.  And the Isis threat....just far away religious weirdos? Both  Russians and mad dog Muslims were surely comfortably far off and no threat to a Lie-beral so why worry about them? So it seemed to the brain deficient un-fearful Lie-berals! But the world IS worried and it would damage Canadian foreign affairs  not to be on side with our allies!
So poor stupid Justin has been bumbling in every political arean he enters!

He has pissed off our allies by taking the fighter jets home from Syria!
Has pissed off our Yankee allies by neglecting our NATO commitments!!

Has pissed of the Yankees by being a complete imbecile over all manner of immigration issues- with Yankees afraid that Canada will become a terrorist haven- as it has ALREADY become a haven for money launderers and organized crime thank to oblivious and “what, me worry” LIE-berals!
Has substantially damaged our economy with his carbon crap and trade scam and by his pipeline antics! The country burns while idiot Boy blandly smiles!
And we should discuss home gown Muslim terror here! Our idiot Boy has told us that he does not read newspapers so has anybody dared tell ghim the bad news- about the Muslim attack in Edmonton?
About the Muslim attack on Danforth Ave?
About radical Isis bomb maker AARON Driver who blew himself as anti terror cops closed in?

The psychiatry report on the amygdala/fear centre in the human brain casts serious doubt regarding the ability of Our idiot Boy and his loser LIE-berals to recognize danger till the last moment!

How shocked he must have been to hear of a murderous gunman running loose on Parliament Hill? Or the two Muslim clowns trying to derail a Via passenger train in Toronto with `help` from an FBI agent? How could he have failed to understand and appreciate the threat?

What a slap in the face to Lie-berals everywhere who have been so friendly to all newcomers to Canada-why-the father of Omar Khadr was a CONVICTED TERRORIST Bomber languishing in an Italian jail when Lie-beral Jean Chretien did a deal with the Italians and INVITED the odious Khadrs to come to Canada! And our fat head Chretien NEVER SAW the threat that inviting a CONVICTED Muslim bomb maker might one day make for Canada and LIE-berals!

And....WHY wont the economy balance itself poor Justin wonders-he has always had money and everybody has bills to pay so what is the problem? ? And why do people expect HIM to solve THEIR  problems? Poor Justin does not see the harmful, job killing effect of high taxes and HUGE national debts!

Instead of being acclaimed as a great leader,  poor Justin has found himself dumped into a filthy political swamp fighting desperately to keep his head above water and never saw THAT coming either!

Bad enough that poor Justin might lose the 2019 election to Andrew Sheer .....but how much WORSE it must be to think of losing to NDP/Jagmeet Singh?

After all, Lie-berals think of NDP members as people who have their hearts in a good place but they lack the low guile and cunning to be PROPER Lie-beral! Poor Justin never saw the threat posed by Singh either!

And the HISTORIC, absolute ultimate Lie-beral `oopsie` didn’t see that coming moment- hit Lie-beral prime minister Mackenzie King over the head.

In 1936 King traveled to Germany during the Munich Olympics and actually met and talked one on one with Adolf Hitler.

King came back to Canada and explained that Hitler was “basically a good  man, rather dour but giving the German people some much needed hope and discipline”!

King went on to condemn that English chap-Winston Churchill- “as a “rabble rouser and a warmonger”!

Oopsie.....Lie-berals are just not cut out for the deep thinking and long term planning needed in our complex modern government! They simply don’t see threats clearly enough-because their brains are not fully developed!