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Re: Doug Ford Helps the Poor
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I have decided to mend my ways. **** the poor, they only exist in order to make my life easier.

You associate an opinion different from yours as somehow vindictive or cruel or hateful to 'the poor' when all we are doing is discussing which economic and tax system is better for the country - including the poor.

My issue with the taxation system is and always has been my doubt as to what the progressive taxation system does and will do to society and good governance. No, I don't like paying high taxes, of course. But I agree that taxes are the price paid for civilization. What I do resent is the suggestion from idiot progressives (and by the way, I feel the adjective is probably unnecessary as being a progressive pretty much confirms that you're an idiot) that my money belongs to society, that I didn't earn it, and that any hesitation I have in approving yet higher taxes on me is offensive as it demonstrates how greedy I am in holding back money which they feel should go to 'the poor'.

No taxation without representation was a splenditly logical complaint of the American revolutionaries. But no one considered representation without taxation. And as I have repeatedly pointed out, this leads to people voting in politicians who want to continue to grow government without regard to the expense since they don't need to pay for any of it.

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