Author Topic: Doug Ford Helps the Poor  (Read 2838 times)

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Re: Doug Ford Helps the Poor
« Reply #30 on: April 19, 2018, 11:48:08 am »
So there's this club. It has 1000 members, but only 200 pay membership fees. The rest are basically there because the 200 are generous. The 200 pay all the bills through their membership fees. Then there's a meeting and lots of people (who pay no membership fee) start demanding that the club buy new giant flat screens. When it's pointed out the club is actually having to borrow money to pay for stuff as it is they just suggest the membership fees be increased.

Of course when those who actually pay for the already high membership fees protest the ones proposing the new stuff are outraged and accuse them of being greedy and immoral for not wanting to pay higher fees so they can enjoy the new flat screens. Damn those fee-paying members for their greed! Power to the (non fee-paying) members!

Obviously your "club" has nothing to do with Canadian taxpayers or the bill payers would equal 670 members.