Author Topic: Doug Ford Helps the Poor  (Read 2340 times)

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Re: Doug Ford Helps the Poor
« Reply #30 on: April 19, 2018, 11:19:52 am »
Holy ****.

You know, poor people would pay more taxes if they had more money.  ****. It's not complicated.

So your position is 80% of the population is poor? Have I got that right? 80% of the population is too poor to pay taxes on the government services they love so much. They can, of course, afford cars, mortgages, cell phones, video games and players, big screen TVs, laptops, high speed internet,  trips down south every year and all the rest, but taxes are just too **** hard on them.

Your indignation at the thought anyone but 'rich' people should perhaps contribute to the state which so many of you want to step in to take care of every single problem in life is an indication of the socialist mentality you've grown up with. Hate the rich. Love the poor. Bring in more poor and love them more, and hate anyone who has more than we do. And after we make the rich pay more we'll sneer at them and call them names and hate them some more for being better off than us. Meanwhile we'll enjoy all the things the state provides that we don't pay for, and feel incredible noble about our generosity in giving money we don't own and didn't make to the poor.
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