Author Topic: Doug Ford Helps the Poor  (Read 2511 times)

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Re: Doug Ford Helps the Poor
« on: April 18, 2018, 02:55:38 pm »
The start paying people a decent wage and stop robbing them of their hard labour to feather your nest.

Nope.  He's posted about how people like police, firefighters etc. in Canada are overpaid already, relative to other countries.  He has an odd idea of how this should all work..

1.  Reduce wages wherever possible;
2.  Increase taxes on lower earners;
3.  Decrease the taxes he pays.

1.  Make more people less able to afford necessities;
2.  Make even more people even less able to afford necessities;
3.  Reduced government services and infrastructure due to reduced tax revenue.
4.  Make him evee richer.
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