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Re: Danforth Shooting
« Reply #225 on: September 06, 2018, 11:17:07 pm »
I certainly have responded to gun control "rhetoric" as you call it w/o the scary nra by simply suggesting I agree with regulations that hopefully keep us from falling down the US shytehole. (Have a look at the applicable stats)

We already have laws to keep us from becoming a "US shytehole".

I've pointed out that Mark Saunders and the Toronto PD have been caught in a lie, and your response is to accuse me of being a Wayne Lapierre type NRA supporter.  Clearly you're trying to deflect away from the real issue, which is that this "surge" in Canadian straw-buying is a lie. Why are you trying to deflect away from that issue?   Why do you support Mark Saunders spreading fake news?  The Toronto PD have used the national media to spread a narrative that their own statistics prove to be false. Why do you accept that? Why are you okay with fake news being used to advance a political agenda? 

What real arguments do you have about birth tourism beyond tempest in a teapot?

P.S. try to understand the "firing squad" comment in the context it was posted. Look up simile as a project.

I read it in context. It was completely retarded in context. That thread is ongoing, let's continue there.

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