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Re: Danforth Shooting
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By the way, do you think Mark Saunders was lying his face off, or is just to darned dumb to read properly?


Saunders was basing his claim on a one-time statement about one operation to seize guns, but it was immediately seized upon by the media and all the 'gun grabbers' and used as a 'fact' that a huge number of illegal firearms used by gangs were domestically sourced. In fact, even the Vancouver inspector didn't say that. Just because a certain number of seized firearms were stolen or domestically sourced doesn't mean the hand guns  have the same percentage. There are far fewer of them available to steal, and they're rarely left laying out in the open for people to take. You can keep a rifle or shotgun propped up in the closet or in the trunk of your car. You have to lock a hand gun in a safe or gun box, and few people fail to hide those.
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