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Re: Clean Meat - Will you eat it ?
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I think that's the point here: it is now starting to compete at least on a cost basis.
Nonsense. It is still in the proof of concept phase:

ďThere has been a lot of news coverage for almost seven years now, even in times when there wasnít a lot of new things going on,Ē Mark Post, Professor of Vascular Physiology at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, co-founder of Mosa Meat and creator of the first cultured hamburger, told Gizmodo. ďIt seems a bit excessive. Itís either one way or the other. Itís negative for reasons that are not traceable but thereís no particular evidence, itís just feelings, or itís very positive which is more related to high expectations and wishful thinking. The reality is that we donít have a product yet. Itís taking quite some time and there are still hurdles to overcome on getting there.Ē

You need to separate the marketing hype provided by Musk-like entrepreneurs from the reality.