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Re: Cascadia (west coast culture)
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Same happens in Vancouver during hot weather. I thought Victoria's new treatment plant was operational

I thought it was too. I drummed up the support and wrote the grant application for the marine pump-out station in Ucluelet a couple decades ago. It pumps watewater into Ukee's treatment facility. It was federal Small Craft Harbour's money. Besides cleaner healthier local waters one of the ideas behind funding these in small coastal communities was to provide some pressure on bigger municipalities to follow suit. There was quite a bit of concern over boats using the pump out to pump oily bilge water but it's never occurred. In the grant application I tried to include a centrifugal system for dealing with bilge water that separates oils from water but they didn't go for it. In hindsight it seems water quality has improved anyway due to there being a lot fewer commercial fishing boats, greater public awareness and stiffer penalties for polluting.

Still can't dig clams in the harbour though there's just too much heavy metal contamination.