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Re: Cascadia (west coast culture)
« Reply #15 on: October 25, 2020, 06:58:37 pm »
If I lived on the island it would be north of Nanaimo, probably Courtenay Comox.

Depends on the government, but we have a serious family doctor shortage which is not a good scenario for retirees. 

My GP still isn't back to work after contracting COVID in the spring, and while I've made it work with clinics, my parents are really struggling with their health issues. 

At that age it's important to have one person looking after your file and ongoing issues.

Campbell river is just barely more affordable but you have to be able to tolerate the rainfall. If climate is your priority then the best will be on the Gulf islands and some of them will be the cheapest due to isolation.

Probably the best climate in the world!

Yeah, I lived in the Lower Mainland from 1984 - 2006, so I'm familiar with the Province.  I spent time in any town with a pulp mill or a gas plant.

I remember Campbell River as being one of my favourite spots to visit.  I believe the Elk Falls mill is closed now so it would be even nicer.  If somewhat more depressed.

I used to visit Quadra a lot.  I'll have to look at property there.

As for a doctor, I have one in the family who is only a Skype call away.  That should cover us for a while.

It's either B.C. or the Maritimes.  I sure as hell ain't staying in Alberta.  Six months of winter is just too much to endure if you aren't getting paid to do so.
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