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Re: Cascadia (west coast culture)
« on: October 25, 2020, 02:18:41 pm »
Washington and Oregon are polling 34% & 38% respectively in favour of Trump.  BC, according to a MacLeans Magazine poll, would give him 12%.


Conservatism, or what passes for it these days in the USofA and gun culture divides us too much to ever be Cascadia again.

Agreed, 100%.  Whenever I see American Democrats on twitter saying the blue states are going to join Canada I shudder.  We are too different, the gun culture alone would kill it for most of us, no matter how progressive they may be on other issues. 

Interesting to note on your graph that Alberta, our most right-wing province, is on par with so-called 'blue-states' support of Trump.  That's pretty telling of how different we are as two nations.
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