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Re: Canadian healthcare
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What a lovely and completely anonymous "source" you have produced! And what does it say? What does it say??? Why... why it says that the NP article was correct and the US has twice as many ICU beds as we do!! How kind of you to post one of your pretty graphics to support my own point!

that's heelarious given the fact to get information/source references for the graphed data in your provided 'statistica links', one has to pay/subscribe to purchase an account @$39 annual fee! LOL!

but hey now, my reply wasn't focused on the NP reference to the U.S. ICU bed number... no, it was a direct response to your statement/claim concerning, "international comparisons... ALL showing"! LOL! What a moron you are!
As for international comparisons, they seem to all show we have a lot fewer hospital beds and doctors than pretty much everyone.

you also have selective grasp on the rest of my posts that emphasize that legitimate and proper international comparisons require standardized criteria... and that, "American ICU beds are often defined by staffing availability... rather than functional & technical capabilities."

as much as the waldo tried to impress upon you that legitimate country comparisons require standardized criteria, your peaBrain clearly couldn't grasp the concept! Here have another: many countries consider an ICU bed... define an ICU bed, as one in which a patient can receive mechanical ventilation. This definition is by no means universal, is by no means standardized as is evidenced by, for example, American ICU beds are often defined by staffing availability.