Author Topic: BC votes to keep FPP  (Read 264 times)

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Re: BC votes to keep FPP
« on: January 04, 2019, 12:24:13 am »
They're one-issue fruitopians.  I think people looked at them as part of the government coalition and figured "we don't really need more of this."

Even if you're convinced that the Greens are a serious political party, it doesn't take a wizard  to envision PR opening the door for fringe parties to get into the legislature.

When we were talking about it at work, one of the points made is that other than FPP, all the options on the ballot were basically "we'll figure out the details later."  Things might be more clear in the big city, but here our city is basically split into pieces that are added to big rural ridings to boost the head-count. I can walk through 2 or maybe 3 ridings on my way to work, yet I'm also voting in the same riding as people 50km away.  Explanations like "urban ridings will be combined into larger ridings with multiple representitives, while rural ridings will mostly remain unchanged" doesn't make things very clear.

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