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Re: BC v Wet'suet'en
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   Ah yes! The STANDARD LIE-beral reply: "the posts are too long" so LIE-berals will not read them and can thus REMAIN IGNORANT!

Here is an article illustrating much that is wrong with LIE-beral handling of native issues!

Kashechewan stands on the Hudson Bay LOWLANDS with an AVERAGE ELEVATION OF 6FT above sea level!

NOTE THAT .....................AVERAGE ELEVATION!

ANY significant CHANGE in elevation in the area is the result of HUMAN ACTIVITY!

When the govt PAID contractors to build the drinking water treatment plan and the sewage treatment plant.......and had BOTH built by white people because natives dont have the skills!

THE FIRST THING the white people did was PILE UP SAND AND GRAVEL!
The whites made HUGE GRAVEL PLATFORMS for the two plants to sit UP on - out of reach of flood waters!

This is SENSIBLE building style on a flood plain! PUT STUFF out of reach of the water - were its possible! Sand and gravel are available up there FOR FREE since the Hudson Bay Lowlands is a VAST SET of river deltas!

YES - ten thousand years worth of erosion have built up a HUGE FLOOD PLAIN! Hudson Bay Lowlands is a 1.5 MILLION SQUARE KM of sand and gravel! And many of the houses in Kash FLOOD because the natives DID NOT BOTHER building up those handy gravel piles for the houses to sit on- high and dry!

As for the suggestion to use the river to power pumps to keep the town dry?

The town is FLOODING because the river is ICE DAMMED! Pumps DON’T WORK in a river that has no current because it is ice choked! Thus there is NO CURRENT to speak of!!

The local rivers run from the warming south into the STILL FROZEN NORTH!
And that mass of half frozen slush and chunks of ice BLOCKS the rivers! And I seriously doubt there is a pump on this planet that could cope with 50 tonnes of ice choking its impellers!

After all- Hydro One has SHIELDS in place to divert ice away from its turbines at Niagara Falls! And there is MUCH LESS ICE on the Niagara River than on rivers around Kash - Since Kash is roughly a couple of thousand Km NORTH of Niagara! Even the mighty James Bay Hydro electric generators see a Thirty percent reduction in production in winter!

And yes - I suppose you COULD build dikes and levees to try to guide the water away from town - but given the amount of ice flowing in the area - such dikes would be CHEWED FLAT in no time at all! The fiscal cost of building and maintaining such dikes each year WOULD BE HUGE! Not to mention the massive carbon foot print so much diesel equipment would produce!

And of course ANY heavy machinery needed for earth moving in Kash MUST be barged in from Newfoundland! Ocean going ships DONT GO to Kash - even though it is on the sea coast - because the water is SO SHALLOW around the Hudson`s Bay Lowlands!

It is so shallow and shoaly along that western Hudson Bay shoreline that a KAYAK will ground half a mile out from the high tide mark!

A Winnipeg man named Don Starkell tried to paddle a kayak from Moosonee through the North West Passage and found the western shore to be a mass of mud and boulders with only inches of sea water in many places - up to a MILE OUT from shore - even at high tide! Shallow draft barges are the ONLY WAY to bring in any heavy object!

This is why LIE-berals have decided it is EASIER to fly Kash residents OUT to Thunder Bay instead of doing any flood control!

The one thing I cannot answer is WHY IN HELL LIE-berals dont simply fly Kash residents OUT and LEAVE them some place where it is high and dry?

Do LIE-berals think leaving natives to live in a flood prone MESS - with the only food and fuel available being COSTLY stuff that is either flown in - or else BARGED IN from Nain or Goose Bay or some other such spot on the Labrador Coast - thousands of KM from Kash! How are LIE-berals actually “helping natives” by allowing them to live in a flooded village, with no work and nothing to do all day but drink and blame white people for ALL their problems?

Do LIE-berals really think that such treatment of natives will win LIE-berals some actual votes? Natives have a longer attention span than the average LIE-beral and we can be assured that natives WILL figure out who is behind their major problems!

Nor do LIE-berals seem to realize that giving tax payers a break with this costly  YEARLY evacuation might actually wint them some votes!

The Toronto Red Star newspaper was grudgingly FORCED to admit much of this stuff as their original coverage of the Kash "tragedy" was exposed as being so very wrong!

Kash is the ULTIMATE EXAMPLE of ALL that is wrong with LIE-beral policy with regard to natives and and the reserve system!

And the capper to all this LIE-beral crapper is that LIE-beals keep telling us they want us to STOP USING fossil fuel! And then they FLY an entire community of 2500 people plus pets and spare clothing and etc - in and out of Thunder Bay EVERY DAMNED YEAR!