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Re: BC v Wet'suet'en
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Oh MY! And should we be asking just how many LIE-berals had to be shoved onto the committee - BEFORE that award to natives could be sent out? And should we be asking whether that award was supposed to be INSTEAD of other grants, gifts and bribes subsequently offered by LIE-berals seeking to BUY native votes?  Meaning other grants, gifts and bribes that Harper WOULD NOT have offered!

LIE-berals are encouraging native radicals to run wild! Harper was demanding better behaviour and was prepared to BUY it by cutting off aid to bands that did not produce HONEST BOOKS and receipts!

            Here is yet another article illustrating just how careless LIE-berals are of public safety and justice issues. With some comments of my own in brackets):

Fear on the farm in Beiseker, Alta., after thefts raise safety concerns

Calgary Herald. By Yolande Cole. March 14/2018

As rural crime rates remain in the spotlight in Alberta, Beiseker-area farmer Howard Hixt is one of the latest residents to raise concerns about theft in his community.

RCMP are investigating after Hixt’s tractor was stolen over the weekend. It was the second time his family has had to file a police report, after his parents’ house in the area was broken into a few weeks ago.

“Somebody pried open the deadbolt on their front door and they had quite a bit of their possessions out of their house taken, so it’s getting to be kind of a concern in an area that we thought was safe for raising our family,” said Hixt.

Hixt, 44, added that since taking over his grandfather’s farm after graduating from university, this is the first time they’ve had farm equipment stolen.

“We’ve never had anything like this happen,” he said. “It seems like it’s something that’s getting out of hand in our community.”

He noted that a year ago, friends of theirs had their home broken into while one of the residents was at home having a nap.

“It’s a safety concern for us, our neighbours, our friends,” he said.

Beiseker RCMP Sgt. Norm Mercier said Mounties have been encouraging residents to call in any suspicious activities, vehicles or people.

(It is tempting to blame this epidemic of thefts from farms on natives - and there certainly have been a number of high profile shootings of native thieves caught by aggrieved white property owners- but I point out that Ontari-owe went through a phase where thefts of materials and construction equipment from housing sites was quite common. Shall we assume that the thieves who used to prey on Ontari-owe construction companies have moved on to other less well guarded sites?)

While there may be a perception that police can’t do anything in certain situations, “that’s not true,” he said.

(Yeah- making a report to cops after valuables are stolen is helpful in getting a faster settlement from your insurance company- and nets you higher premiums as well- so some good news and some bad!)

Sgt Mercier noted accurate police statistics can lead to additional members and funding, and can allow analysts in the force’s crime reduction unit to come up with solutions for areas that are being targeted more frequently.

(Oh yeah- we have all seen how well Toronto Silly Hall is responding to the gangs shooting each other in the city! And mayor Jackass John the Sorry Tory has told us he will hire 200 new cops this year- but so far has only managed to find 20 in 6 months! Shall we ask if NOBODY wants to be a cop in LIE-beral dominated Toronto where the Radical White Haters hold sway?)

(And its too bad LIE-berals DO NOT WANT ACCURATE POLICE STATISTICS anyway!!!!! If they had such statistics it would put the LIE to long standing LIE-beral assurances that crime rates are DOWN and no new cops are needed!)

The provincial government announced a rural crime plan Friday that includes funding for 39 new RCMP officers, 40 civilian staff and 10 Crown prosecutors focussed on rural crime.

(Shall we ask what good more cops are if the LIE-beral hug a thug judges are practicing their usual catch and release crap? More cops operating under LIE-beral rules simply means the paperwork is expedited and thugs get bail SOONER!)

The announcement came amid continued debate about rural crime and how far landowners can go to protect their property.

(What is really needed here is some SERIOUS DETERRENCE in the form of harsh sentences for the drunken and drug addled PARASITES plaguing us! But LIE-berals will refuse such a solution for fear of losing votes and for fear of the cost of incarcerating thugs! LIE-berals have much better and more selfish uses for our gravy than paying bills for jailed criminals!)

Last week, more than 150 people gathered outside the courthouse in Okotoks to support Edouard Maurice, who is facing charges of aggravated assault, pointing a firearm and careless use of a firearm following an incident on Feb. 24 when he woke up to find two suspected trespassers rummaging through vehicles on his property.

According to Alberta RCMP Supt. John Bennett, property crime in rural areas has increased 23 per cent over the last five years. Offences include break and enters, vehicle theft, theft under $5,000 and possession of stolen goods.

(And yet LIE-berals blandly assure us that ALL crime is DOWN!)

Violent crimes, however, are down, he said.

“We understand completely that people feel vulnerable and frustrated,” said Bennett, who is in charge of a squad that focuses on criminals who appear to be behind a disproportionate number of calls.

(Yes- a Toronto cop who defied the rules and collected race based statistics about 25 years ago, concluded that black gang members represent a SMALL MINORITY in Toronto but they commit the great majority of crimes! The LIE-beral response to the cops numbers was to rage at the lack of respect for the rules- AND LIE-BERALS WERE UTTERLY SILENT ABOUT THE TRUTH THAT WAS REVEALED! LIE-berals also questioned the accuracy of the numbers- with the cop simply pointing out: “I looked at the mug shots- with black guys going in one pile and other races in other piles”!)

(LIE-berals DO NOT wish to discuss the utter failure of their vote buying immigration policy that has bought us a criminal underclass infesting our not so affordable housing and that criminal class and its family members regularly vote LIE-beral in exchange for facing LIE-beral hug a thug judges operating a WEAK legal system! Our legal system offer up LOTS of chances for plea bargaining in which major crimes become small ones and minor crimes are completely FORGOTTEN!)

(AS I have said before- crime is evolving and becoming more sophisticated- and LIE-berals are DELIBERATELY IGNORING THIS REALITY!)

Sgt Mercier is encouraging people not to take on intruders themselves, but to leave it to police.

“You never know how someone may react when confronted,” he said. “We don’t want to see anyone getting hurt.”

(REALLY? WE don’t want to see people get hurt? LIE-berals demonstrate how out of touch they are with Cdns- a good many of whom think that a would be thief would BENEFIT from spending a few days in hospital after being riddled with buckshot from an angry property owner- especially since LIE-beral hug a thug judges practising their catch and release crap don’t see any reason to the PUNISH THIEVING PARASITES!!)

Hixt said he knows rural residents who have set up high-tech security systems — a move he is considering himself, following the tractor theft.

“I guess we’ll just have to factor that into our expenses,” he said.

(Yes- the need for and cost of expanded personal security in a suddenly more dangerous world is just one more dubious gift from our LIE-beral overlords!)