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Re: BC v Wet'suet'en
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Here is an article illustrating what a hopeless mess LIE-berals have made of the Native Affairs Ministry. With some comments of my own in brackets):
Saskatchewan First Nation wins $4.5-million from federal government
"Mr. Cameron said he hopes an improved relationship between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and indigenous peoples means the government will settle similar cases at a faster rate.

"Let's not waste thousands and thousands of dollars on legal fees. The decision has been made. Precedent has been set. Therefore compensate these bands a lot sooner than how long it took Beardy's and Okemasis to get a decision," he said."

(OH my, natives are not blind. They have recognized that LIE-berals are frantic to buy votes and are cashing in on every issue that LIE-berals perceive as a weakness or embarrassment. The truth is that LIE-berals would do better if they encourage natives to look to the future rather than dwell in the past!)

(One has only to look at the debacle that is the LIE-beral Inquiry into Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women to recognize the problem. It is certainly tragic that so many native women have gone missing- but it is NOT racism that has prevented killers from being caught! The lack of killers on trial is a function of the awful life natives lead- a woman lost in drug addiction and desperate for another fix and intending to obtain the funds by prostitution is often careless of her situation and thus is vulnerable- and due to her illegal addiction she will be quite discreet about her activities and social contacts- which makes her difficult to track! One has only to look at the recent drastic drop in the number of killers arrested in Toronto to recognize how difficult it can be to track a gang or people who do not want to be followed!)

(The ugly reality is that the LAST thing natives need is to be treated like badly cared for pets! They should not be showered with un-earned gifts when they bark loudly or bite the keepers ankles! Corruption is ENDEMIC on too many reserves and LIE-berals would have a much greater and more beneficial influence on native lives if they knocked off the “poor sad native victim” and started to demand that natives function efficiently for their own sakes! Where is natives find gumption and get up and go if LIE-berals perpetuate the myth of native impotence?)

(The 1885 Metis Rebellion was a foolish and irresponsible attempt by Metis and Crees to turn back time and restore about a third of North America to the political state of anarchy existed during the time of the Hudson`s Bay Company administration- which was focused ONLY on the sale of furs and trade goods- there was NO law- as Peter C. Newman chronicles in his trilogy about the Gentleman Company of Adventurers of the Hudson`s Bay! Metis leader Lois Riel was a clever man who was educated by the Jesuits in Montreal- it is just toop bad for Riel that he did not keep up with political and technical advances and ended up judged as a traitor to Canada after botching his creation of an Alberta govt- he took too long and Ottawa beat him to the punch! The Metis Rebellion was a tragic comedy of foolish errors with a large cast of foolish players and does not represent any current political reality! It certainly is Not worth e4.5 million dollars- frankly it aint even worth $4.50! The award to Saskatchewan natives is nothing more than LIE-beral habit of sucking up to whiners and buying votes!)