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Re: BC v Wet'suet'en
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Be part of the 'divide and conquer' strategy if you wish. I choose not.
throughout this thread the waldo has repeatedly advocated for that most significant majority of the Wet'suwet'en that stand in favour of the CGL pipeline... while also questioning and challenging the legitimacy of those select 5 "hereditary chiefs" who currently presume to speak for the Wet'suwet'en; those 5 "hereditary chief"s who are said to have either stolen their titles or had them inappropriately designated.

you'll need to properly state why you choose to ignore the wants (and needs) of the overwhelming majority of the Wet'suwet'en that is in favour of the pipeline - and why you choose to ignore questions about and challenges to the legitimacy of that select minority subset of but 5, "hereditary chiefs", who currently presume to speak for the whole Wet'suwet'en nation. Just what is your 'divide and conquer' strategy, hey member Granny?
And we also should never underestimate the devious and underhanded tricks, payoffs and violence that governments and corporations will stoop to to try to divide and conquer Indigenous communities, for greed.

Why is this pipeline so important to you that you would join in their vicious attacks on the Wet'suet'en community? Malice? Money?

your, "try to divide and conquer" phrasing is gold! Of course it presumes upon a cohesive united Wet'suwet'en being divided... which is, of course, you simply showcasing more of your agenda-driven bullshyte! Should I repeat that post where I detail the monetary and benefits packages negotiated between the province, CGL and the 20 First Nations impacted by the CGL pipeline route... the same post where I also further detail specific monetary/benefits realized by the Wet'suwet'en?

your personal agenda-driven divide & conquer strategy is one that has you completely ignoring the 5+ year relationships struck between the respective Band Councils, the Province of B.C. and CGL... and the resulting negotiated settlements with their most significant monetary and benefits realized. More pointedly, your personal agenda-driven divide & conquer strategy has you belittling the will of the First Nation Band Councils/members and, most pointedly per this threads focus, that of the overwhelming majority of the Wet'suwet'en themselves who are in favour of the CGL pipeline. Here, ignore this image detailing the 20 First Nations that negotiated agreements:

Are you also going to try to divide my community as we fight a pipeline?
to properly respond, the waldo needs you to identify your community, the pipeline you're referencing... and the fight you're actively engaged in. You can do that, right? Sure you can!
It's irrelevant.

My question was ... would you stoop to devious divide and conquer attacks, payoffs and smear tactics to push a pipeline through a non-Indigenous community?

such puffery on your part!  ;D If you had any real conviction you'd identify the community you represent... and why you're against said pipeline (which ever pipeline that actually is... so strange you can't even state that!).

I repeated a post (several times now) that corrected your lack of knowledge concerning, just as one example, life-cycle emissions for B.C. fracked gas (particularly in relation to Asian export markets presently relying upon coal). Of course, I also knocked back your nonsense where you claimed the CGL pipeline brought no benefits to the general B.C. populace. Perhaps you could try a re-do and have another go as to why you're so set against the CGL pipeline... you know, where you come up with something other than the standard go-to claiming industry greed!