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Re: BC v Wet'suet'en
« Reply #405 on: March 06, 2020, 05:04:46 am »
I'll be very interested to see the results when all Clans come together. History in the making.

very interested are you? And yet... somehow... you refuse to comment on those multiple media accounts and first hand challenges being made by some Wet'suwet'en that question the legitimacy of that small minority of anti-pipeline hereditary chiefs presuming to speak for the Wet'suwet'en. Accounts/challenges that speak to pipeline proponent chiefs being stripped of their hereditary titles; accounts that challenge the granting of hereditary chief title to non-Wet'suwet'en, etc.. How come you won't comment on this, as you say, history in the making? Oh wait, you have commented on these most inconvenient accounts/questions/challenges - after all your past blathering blusterbus throughout this thread, you do comment! You throw out your go-to lines, "not my business... no one's business but theirs"!

you also refuse to recognize that significant harm... perhaps irreparable harm on some levels, that has been done in terms of how many Canadians now negatively view reconciliation in relation to those railway blockades that significantly harmed the federal/provincial economies, that significantly impacted upon small business across Canada, that caused companies to layoff employees, that had many Canadians incensed at the unlawful actions of protestors openly ignoring court ordered injunctions, etc.. You know, all that and more that contributed to your most gleeful comment about, "how easy it was to shut Canada down"!
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