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Re: BC v Wet'suet'en
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Waldo is wrong. 4 Chief positions are vacant.

further to your agenda driven narrative, the waldo will point out the following (per the G&M) - hardly seems like your oft expressed call for "fair dealings", right? Amirite? Does this account for your referenced "vacant positions"? Were you less than forthright in failing to speak to how positions became vacant?

Several matriarchs claim they are being silenced and bullied, their opinions disregarded by the all-male leadership. Three female hereditary chiefs supportive of the pipeline were stripped of their chiefly titles.

This is not “deni biits wa aden”–“the way the feast works,” Rita George, a hereditary sub chief and expert in Wet’suwet’en law, told The Globe and Mail last week. The phrase is commonly used to describe the nation’s legal system.

The feast is the core of Wet’suwet’en society, its court, its parliament, its art gallery, its library. In the participatory democracy, hereditary chiefs are legally obliged to listen to their members.

Critics further claim that three of the eight hereditary house chiefs opposing Coastal GasLink are not Wet’suwet’en.

Under Wet’suwet’en law, two are considered Gitxsan, and one is Babine, says Gary Naziel (Maxlaxlex'), a former Witset band councillor and a heavy-machine operator with Kyah Resources, which is sub-contracted by CGL.

Asked to respond to the claim, Frank Alec, who took the name Woos after it was stripped from Darlene Glaim, and who is said to be Babine, not Wet’suwet’en, said this: “I believe they’ve been fed a script. This is our territory. This is our responsibility. These are our duties. This is what we must do keep our clean air, water or culture and the freedoms that people enjoy.”

so, per the Globe&Mail, some hereditary chiefs in favour of the pipeline are said to have had their chiefly titles stripped... while, again per the Globe&Mail account, the legitimacy of 3 hereditary chiefs opposed to the pipeline is being questioned, being challenged! Fair dealings, hey member Granny - fair dealings!

no comment, member Granny? No comment?