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Re: BC v Wet'suet'en
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arrests by the RCMP in Wet'suwet'en claimed territory reflect enforcement of a court order... police arrests at the Port of Vancouver also reflect upon a court order being served. Near Belleville Ontario, more pointedly 'Tyendinaga Township':

as for your Facebook gem stating the OPP is investigating whether, as you say, "laws were broken or evidence falsified to get that Belleville area injunction"... mainstream media outlets have not written anything to support such a claim! The waldo calls bullshyte!

No worries. The OPP have it handled.

“The OPP calls on those involved to abide by the injunction and to not (put) public peace or anyone’s safety in jeopardy.”

No one is on CN property.
Public peace and safety are not in jeopardy.
All ok.
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