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Re: BC v Wet'suet'en
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Shutting Canada down is easy.
easy hey! What a dumbazz statement!

arrests by the RCMP in Wet'suwet'en claimed territory reflect enforcement of a court order... police arrests at the Port of Vancouver also reflect upon a court order being served. Near Belleville Ontario, more pointedly 'Tyendinaga Township':

Quote from: Bill Dickson, communications officer for Ontario Provincial Police
OPP officers are actively involved in the situation. Members of our provincial liaison team are in contact with the demonstrators. We respect the right of everyone (to have) freedom of expression and peaceful assembly. CN Rail police, who have jurisdiction over the rail lines, have received an injunction to remove protesters from the area. Given that Tyendinaga Township falls under OPP jurisdiction, provincial police are required to act on these court orders.

as for your Facebook gem stating the OPP is investigating whether, as you say, "laws were broken or evidence falsified to get that Belleville area injunction"... mainstream media outlets have not written anything to support such a claim! The waldo calls bullshyte!