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Re: BC provincial election
« Reply #195 on: October 12, 2020, 08:00:23 pm »

Anyone following this story about Jane Thornthwaite and Bowinn Ma?  I watched the video, ready to be outraged, but I don't see anything of what she said as a dig at Ma.  She was jabbing Ralph Sultan for thinking with the wrong head.

Am I just losing my progressive cred?

ETA - in a professional setting it'd be inappropriate to make those remarks about your colleagues, agreed -- but I still see the dig at Sultan, not Ma.

I found it in poor taste to bring Ma into this and kind of ‘****-shame’ her...   she wasn’t part of the roast.  The attempt at a joke fell flat, or worse, was inappropriate.  But being a roast on a fellow Liberal, I found it unsurprising that an attempt at bawdy humour might go wrong.