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Re: BC provincial election
« Reply #150 on: September 29, 2020, 01:27:35 pm »
I think instead of eliminating 7billion from the provincial coffers with a tax cut, they may have been smarter to propose an actual $7 billion plan to do something about the downturn in the economy....   infrastructure?  Parks?  Small business loans?  Increase healthcare spending to combat future pandemics?   

Nothing.  We get a tax break and the province goes further in the red for....  nothing....  what a plan!

The fact that the NDP is restoring BC Ferries, ICBC and B.C. Hydro after years of being raided for their money and driving them into a huge hole as well as running balanced budgets up until COVID tells me all I need to know about the BC Libsí (conservatives] fiscal competency vs the government we have now.

Everyone loves to drag out infrastructure as some kind of solution. The fact is, you aren't going to turn tens of thousands of servers and other hospitality workers into welders and other trades. I don't see how any of those other things are going to provide much of a stimulus either, even if they are worthwhile objectives on their own.
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