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Re: BC provincial election
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You brought up the '80's and the '90's in post #49 and also specifically the '90's in post # 55 so stop the cherry picking BS.

I said in #55:  Along with that we also have the second worst poverty rate in Canada, which includes children.   BC is the only province without a poverty reduction plan. 

You responded to that and asked for a cite relative to 90s, and I reiterated that I was comparing to the rest of Canada and not the 90s.  And then I provided cites for what I said, not what you thought I said.

Disagree if you want or provide alternate information; I may be swayed by your arguments because I don't consider myself all that politically savvy and I have always respected your knowledge whether I agree with your opinion or not.

But don't get snarky with me because you failed to read what I wrote.