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Re: Alberta provincial election
« Reply #105 on: November 03, 2019, 01:28:48 pm »
Jason Kenney's threat to hold a referendum on equalization:
But as far as threats go, the one that Jason Kenney has made about holding a referendum on removing equalization from the Constitution if Justin Trudeau doesn’t make major progress on the Trans Mountain pipeline by 2021 is a head scratcher.

Justin Trudeau has, after all, already reaffirmed that his government intends to get TMX built, and trying to rush energy infrastructure projects through the regulatory and legal process has already blown up in Jason Kenney’s face when he was a federal minister. It’s also curious because Alberta cannot, on its own, compel the rest of the country to remove equalization from the Constitution any more than it can compel the Toronto Maple Leafs to give all their best players to the Calgary Flames.

I was puzzling about that too. It seems Kenney is blowing quite a bit of hot air, threatening things he cannot deliver. Why would he do that? He has said that he's committed to Alberta as part of Canada, and yet he also fans the 'wexit' flames by creating unreasonable expectations about what he and Albertans can do.
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