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Re: Alberta provincial election
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It will never happen. By the time it does, it will be too late. The USA is moving backwards, in regards to fossil fuels, and I suggest we should not even try, since inevitably people are selfish, and one day a catastrophe will happen. Then war and a mass genocide will likely occur. I just hope this occurs when I am dead in 40 years.

Why should Canada be singled out?

IMO Canada's policies on CO2 should be contingent on what the US does.  Canada is a very small drop in the bucket, we emit just 1.69% of the world's CO2.  The US produces 17% alone.  Even if every Canadian drove EV's and we by miracle cut our emissions in half, it would do almost nothing on a global scale.  Canada can't save the world and we can't destroy it either.  It makes no sense to sacrifice our economy & pocketbooks when others aren't.  We need an international effort led by the biggest culprits.
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