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Re: Alberta provincial election
« Reply #15 on: April 17, 2019, 01:16:27 am »
Hmm, I never realize quite how intense the tensions are sometimes between BC and AB.  I guess the tensions make sense, given what's been happening.

They are pretty bad. A bunch of radial leftists kept the attack on Alberta going for a year. Alberta just ignored it at first, but once job losses occurred Albertans did the honorable thing and defended their great province. Now I have no horse in this race (Im Manitoban), but as a impartial observer, I have concluded that people from BC are warmongers, and Albertans are noble people who try and weather the storm. However that changed a couple of months ago.

Alberta got sick of British Columbia NDP provocation. In the end, Alberta had to lay the law down, and draft the resolution that stated "Alberta has the right to cut off oil to the province of British Columbia."
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