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Re: Alberta provincial election
« on: April 09, 2019, 03:10:14 pm »
I'm in Alberta and this election is cray-cray.

UCPers are rabid.  And there's a lot of them.  I have friends that work in government jobs and others with AHS and they are not voting UCP (even though they normally would) because they know their jobs will be gone if the UCP get in.  Notley didn't get the pipeline in, so that is the main thrust of wanting the UCP in.

NDP supporters are generally not as rabid, but I notice there's a lot of "poking the bear" in the media on both sides.  Seems more than the usual amount, to me.  I have a friend running up in Peace River and her signs are getting destroyed on the daily.  One family had an NDP sign on their lawn destroyed and someone scratched "**** NDP" into their brand new vehicle.  It's an ugly election.

The Alberta Party is getting some interest since the debate, but I'm not sure how much actual support that will develop into.

I don't know anybody who is into the Liberal party in Alberta, but I'm sure they'll score some votes, too.

I'm still undecided between 2 parties, but the televised debate helped me eliminate one party for sure.  I've heard a few comments from people saying they're just gonna scrub their vote and vote Alberta Party because they don't like what any of them are really saying. 
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