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Re: Alberta - Hillbilly Redneck Hyuck
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the recent revelations from a Canadaland article; on par with some of the best worst/failed "stings" set by so-called political operative James O'Keefe - Shady's hero in line with the Classic Shady avatar... the O'Keefe Pimp sting that ultimately cost him $100,000 in a settlement with ACORN:

seems former Calgary mayor Nenshi was too ethical/smart to have taken the bait: Former Calgary mayor Nenshi denounces alleged plot to entrap him with illegal Russian money
Former Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi is calling a purported plot to entrap him into accepting illegal Russian money "disappointing," after a report surfaced Monday that several people were involved in a plan to taint his reputation and remove him from office.

Canadaland, the news site that reported on the alleged scheme, said "Operation Peacock'' was an attempt by a political fixer, backed by local business interests and arranged by political strategists.

"How disappointing to read about this alleged plot against me. It appears that there are people that seem to think that their money and their connections make them more important or powerful than everyday citizens," Nenshi said in a statement to CBC News on Monday.

"As a community, we should never stand for the kind of assault on our democracy and on our society that is alleged
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