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Re: Alberta - Hillbilly Redneck Hyuck
« Reply #75 on: January 17, 2022, 02:07:57 am »
So I was trying to quote an earlier post of mine where I said IDGAF about unvaccinated people dying and I accidentally deleted it. 

Anyway, I read a story today that melted even my cold covidiot-hating heart.  She was a 29 year old who had an organ transplant when she was little and was worried about the side effects of the vaccine because of it.  She had taken precautions and wasn't a covid denier, but somehow she got it anyway.  She was intubated on her 29th birthday and died a few days later. 

Shortly after I read about a 'covid party' in rural Alberta where people deliberately tried to contract covid and a few ended up in the hospital.  I chuckled, got mad, and then realized that in a way they're just as much victims of misinformation as the young woman who died for whom I did feel sorry.

I want to feel sympathy for them all equally.  They are all victims.  They're all going to be missed by someone who loved them. 

And yet, I am numb to most of them because I'm so angry at them.
can you imagine how frustrated and angry the healthcare staff are? the young gal being hesitant I understand - no idea or research available for vax effects on organ transplants. She probably would've been ok. I have a bil who's all vaxxed and boostered. So far, so good. He also wears the double and triple mask protocol. Those partiers tho- yeah, they make many angry for their antics paid for with their life. It was preventable. 
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