Author Topic: Alberta - Hillbilly Redneck Hyuck  (Read 3283 times)

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Re: Alberta - Hillbilly Redneck Hyuck
« Reply #45 on: September 22, 2021, 12:45:19 am »
Alberta ICUs bursting with unvaccinated COVID patients.

Kenney shuffles his cabinet.

Alberta begs the Feds for help.

Should other provinces lend a hand?

I guess they should help, but I don't really feel sorry for them.

Kenney is a true idiot and deserved much blame, but this is also on Albertans themselves too and the anti-vax anti-restrictions crew.

I hope they've learned their lesson, unfortunately the hard way.

And maybe they should remember this the next time they talk about seperation or complain about the heavy hand of Ottawa.  We're all in this together.
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