Author Topic: "Your Ward" News - Hate Speech or Free Expression?  (Read 1010 times)

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Re: "Your Ward" News - Hate Speech or Free Expression?
« on: November 18, 2017, 11:39:44 am »
I certainly think it's reasonable for Canada Post to refuse to deliver this junk.

As for whether it rises to the level of hate speech, I am undecided. The content itself seems to be the kind of garbage you'd find at 4chan.  Perhaps it says something that right-wing extremists have decided that the best way to spread their views is the cartoon memes popular among those basement-dwelling shut-ins.

I think the "Streisand Effect" is something to consider here.  How many of us had heard of "Your Ward" before now? Is it good or bad that these guys are now more famous than they were?

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