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General Discussion / Re: Netflix Recommendations
« Last post by MH on Today at 05:38:01 am »
Not Netflix, but HBO & Crave are doing it up for me right now:

- Broad City (latest season)
- Episodes (final season)
- Curb your Enthusiasm
- The Deuce
- Mike Judge presents Tales from the Tour Bus

I like/love all of these shows !
General Discussion / Re: New TV Season
« Last post by MH on Today at 05:36:03 am »
Yeah, this sounds terrible.

But if you want to make ME watch something from this bullshit genre, make a hero who is actually evil.  It would at least be funny.

How about a hero who's superpower is ability to kill babies with just a glance?  Or some really odious habit, like racist remarks or smoking.

Do that.
General Discussion / Re: fake Melania !
« Last post by MH on Today at 05:20:54 am »
Is this photo ok ?  ( I made it small. )

Wow. She is a stick.  I prefer chubby girls, but I digress.

If somebody is a model isn't it really hard to find a double ?
General Discussion / Re: Harvey Weinstein, serial sex predator.
« Last post by MH on Today at 05:18:10 am »
  He wasn't brought down by any accuser, he was brought down by all of them collectively.

Pointing out the obvious: Thank you, social media.

The idea I am interested in right now is how this could be done in the future to stop similar predators much faster than Weinstein or Cosby.

How did Farrow and Kantor locate witnesses? Do you put an ad on Craigslist or something?


"Everybody knew".  The problem was not making the story, it was breaking the story.  The Ghomeshi story in Canada broke because of social media and Canadaland but still needed The Star to make it happen. 
Canadian Politics / Re: Canada 2020
« Last post by MH on Today at 05:15:51 am »

Also those criticisms are valid, but not exactly applicable to Can2020.  It has different problems.
General Discussion / New TV Season
« Last post by kimmy on Today at 04:30:10 am »
I enjoy escapism and science fiction and all of that sort of thing.  So, even though it is one of the lowest rated things I have ever seen on Rotten Tomatoes (at a whopping 8% on the Tomato-meter!) I was kind of looking forward to Marvel's The Inhumans.  After all, it does star Anson Mount and Iwan Rheon! And its high-concept, silly, fun premise somehow spoke to me.  The idea of a fantastical sci-fi setting, as opposed to grim or bleak or dystopian sci-fi settings, appealed to me.  I thought "I don't always agree with critics. Maybe this will be just good old campy fun like Flash Gordon or Lost In Space."  Man, did I get it wrong.

Stan Lee voice: Behold...The Inhumans!

Imagine a coming of age ceremony, in a magical city on the moon. A young man and young woman are brought forward before the royal family for the moment that will define the rest of their lives. Each is sealed in a glass case and exposed to a gene-altering mist.  Then both are removed.  The girl, after a moment, miraculously sprouts butterfly wings and takes flight. She is adulated. There are cheers. She will join the elite of her society.  The boy, on the other hand, seems unchanged. People wait, expectantly, but there is nothing. The heartbreak is apparent on his father's face. The boy's chance to escape the lowest caste is gone. He will be sent to work in the mines, just like his father.

This is the setting of The Inhumans.  They are a race of human-like beings who live in the city of Attilan, on the moon! As adolescents they are exposed to a substance that activates their genetic potential. Some develop astounding abilities or startling mutations. These become the elite of their society.  Others don't change at all. They are the lower cast. They work in the mines.  This unjust caste system is enforced by the royal family and the "Genetic Council".

But a hero steps forward to topple this sick heirarchy! Maximus is the younger brother of the king, but he sees the injustice of the system. His own transformation was a dismal failure-- the mist rendered him genetically human, the worst possible outcome! Mocked by even his own family for his genetics, he knows that he too would have been sent to the mines were he not born into royalty.  Maximus, with the help of some courageous members of the Royal Guardsmen, stages a bloodless coup, overthrows the despotic King and the rest of the royals, and frees the serfs from the mines!  All hail Maximus, a futuristic Spartacus!

Wait--  Maximus isn't the hero?

Maximus is the bad-guy in this story?


 Okaaaayyy, apparently the heroes of this story are the King "Black Bolt", his wife Medusa, his obnoxious sister-in-law Crystal, and their assistants Gorgon and Karnak.   And Crystal's 3000 pound pug "Lockjaw".  Lockjaw can can teleport instantly across vast distances, and when Crystal discovers that Maximus is staging a coup, she has Lockjaw take them, one at a time, to Hawaii.  Lockjaw isn't very smart so they end up scattered all over the island and have spent most of the first 3 episodes trying to reunite with each other.

So, uh, this is not specifically too good.

Anson Mount stars as "Black Bolt". He can't speak, because his voice is so powerful that even a whisper destroys everything in its path. If he talked, it would be a nuclear holocaust. So he can only communicate in sign language. Anson Mount starred as "Bohanon" in the railway-building western "Hell On Wheels".  He was great as the imposing Bohanon, a man of few words. With a single "yep" or "nope" or scowl or roll of his eyes, Mount could say more than most actors can say in a whole page full of dialogue. Bohanon had at least 8 different kinds of "yep", all distinct. So I can understand why they picked him to portray the mute guy.  But he just seems befuddled. He seems as confused as the audience.

Maximus is played by Iwan Rheon, best known as Ramsay Bolton from Game of Thrones. I think it's quite damning to the writers that they somehow made Ramsay Bolton the only sympathetic character in the whole show, especially when he's supposed to be the villain here.

The show is pretty bad on almost every level... the execution is terrible. The protagonists are currently stumbling around Hawaii like a bunch of mentally handicapped tourists who got separated from their care-aide.  Is this supposed to be comedy? I honestly have no idea what they were going for here. 

They've made me hate the characters I'm supposed to be cheering for, and cheer for the characters I'm supposed to hate.  It's like they just want us to cheer for the royals because they told us to. It's like watching a WWII movie and being told that you're supposed to cheer for the Germans.  Whaaa?  I'm supposed to be cheering for Black Bolt to get back to his city, send the slaves back to the mines, and restore their fucked up caste system?  No way!  I want to see Maximus go Full Bolton on these motherfuckers. Especially Crystal, the racist bitch.

The Inhumans is written and produced by Scott "The name's Scott Buck, and my movies suck" Buck.  Fans hate everything Scott Buck has ever been involved with. He's blamed for making Dexter jump the shark after he took that over. He was at the helm of Iron Fist, which has was (before Inhumans) regarded as the worst thing Marvel has produced. Scott Buck apparently keeps getting work as a producer because he delivers product ahead of schedule and under budget. Those are great qualities. Too bad the on-screen product looks like Crystal's 3000 pound pug dropped a load.

General Discussion / Re: fake Melania !
« Last post by kimmy on Today at 03:12:46 am »
Obviously: like Queen Amidala, Melania Trump uses an elaborately costumed body-double to foil would-be assassins!

Observers have noticed that a Secret Service agent assigned to Melania Trump looks more than a little like Mrs Trump herself:

But which one is the real Mrs Trump?? Maybe the real Melania is lurking a few steps behind, as this look-alike Secret Service agent walks beside the President, ready to protect the Preident, and ready to take a sniper bullet intended for Melania as well.

This would explain why she slapped Trump's hand away in that video clip!

Trump: "Want to grab the hiney."
S.S. Agent: "No grabby. Working."

For this conspiracy theory to really take off, though, I think it has to involve Obama or Da Jooos. 
 * "Obama replaces Melania Trump with pod-grown clone!"
 * "Globalist Kushner replaces mother-in-law with mindless automaton!"

General Discussion / Re: Harvey Weinstein, serial sex predator.
« Last post by kimmy on Today at 02:56:00 am »
reporting rape does not have to be totally fruitless.  He's stopped now.

Well, he's stopped because two reporters both put together major pieces that were too thorough and too explosive to ignore. Harvey Weinstein's downfall was, in a sense, "crowd-sourced". He wasn't brought down by any accuser, he was brought down by all of them collectively.

The idea I am interested in right now is how this could be done in the future to stop similar predators much faster than Weinstein or Cosby.

How did Farrow and Kantor locate witnesses? Do you put an ad on Craigslist or something?

Canadian Politics / Re: Canada 2020
« Last post by DuckFace on October 18, 2017, 09:29:31 pm »
Think tanks don't have standards like universities and don't need that pesky "peer review" that academic research has.  They have some ideological or politics motives.  They have to please their donors.  Propaganda machines.
Canadian Politics / Re: Canada's Economy Has its Strongest Growth in 17 Years
« Last post by DuckFace on October 18, 2017, 09:25:14 pm »
The only area of concern is exports, but at this point, there is far from any consensus.  A fall in exports generally signals weakness in the global economy.  If global growth slows, then we will as well.

Huge proportion of our exports go to US.  US slows we will slow, like their recession caused our recession.

US bull market will correct at some point, it's due.
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