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General Discussion / Re: Big Brands Failing
« Last post by cybercoma on Today at 08:19:30 am »
I wouldn’t be caught dead in a Walmart or a dollar store.

I buy organic fruits and veggies.

I only eat meat from local, ethical sources. 

My coffee comes from a local organic roaster.

I catch my own fish. 

Life is too short to eat shitty food and animals deserve to be treated without cruelty.


A drop in market share is not “failing”.  The title of this thread is hyperbolic.
It's a god damned travesty that those things come at a premium when they should be the standard practice.
Provincial and Local Politics / Re: Ontario Provincial Election 2018
« Last post by cybercoma on Today at 08:16:35 am »
The NDP are bourgeois liberal scum these days. There's not a single party that doesn't operate under a neo-liberal mentality of running government with an economic rationality that strips it of its humanitarian purposes. Thomas Mulcair was the expression of the death of any socialist grounding that the NDP once had.
General Discussion / Re: Is veganism more ethical?
« Last post by cybercoma on Today at 08:15:05 am »
Also, those are sins of the past. 
I'm not sure I follow. Monocropping is still the dominant mode of agriculture today. With it comes a whole slew of issues, only briefly touched on by the OP. Consider the economic impact of literally designing crops so that they're more easily farmed by machinery. The goal was to eliminate manpower to make the accumulation of crops more profitable. The key issue being accumulation and the market economy. Before the nineteenth century accumulation was done in order to redistribute and provide provisions communally under poor crop seasons. Consider as well that monocropping makes it far more likely to experience crop failures, due to a lack of variety in the yields. If a monocrop fails, the entire crop fails. If a species of insects attacks and prefers a  particular plant, it has an entire field of it to feast upon. This leads to the creation of chemicals to combat problems because what might have once destroyed a portion of the yields (since a variety of specimens were planted) now destroys everything. Just like antibiotics, these combat techniques create superbugs by killing off the weak ones, while the resistant ones survive to breed. Modern agriculture i constantly chasing demons. So now we have genetic engineering, in order to alter the crops to make them even more resistant to problems because the chemicals of the past started failing.

These aren't sins of the past. They're current issues. They're also intricately tied with the economic organization of society. There's a free-market mentality around farming, despite agriculture being the fundamental social organ of subsistence. That we allow a so-called "self-regulating" free market to dictate our survival is an abomination to humanity. Crops should never have been treated as a commodity. Subsistence should be publicly-owned and controlled. Mass agriculture should have never been allowed to be private property, save for householding. The Great Enclosure and the parcelling off of property into private hands that preceded the Industrial Revolution was the biggest disaster humanity has ever faced.
Provincial and Local Politics / Re: Ontario Provincial Election 2018
« Last post by Bubbermiley on Today at 08:09:44 am »
NDP governments tend to be pragmatic though too. Other than that one Ontario one, they've been quite fiscally responsible. And as Mulcair said, that guy turned out to be a Liberal.
General Discussion / Re: Is veganism more ethical?
« Last post by cybercoma on Today at 08:02:26 am »
I've been thinking about veganism and vegetarianism.  These folks see meat eating as unethical.  But is it more ethical to eat vegetation, where in farming there's absolutely massive portions of once-natural grasslands and prairie ecosystems across the continent and worldwide that have almost become extinct and in order to be farmed must be completely destroyed with machines and then replaced by a single plant species as far as the eye can see?  Imagine how many animals had to be killed to produce these farmlands?

A quick look on Google maps satellite view and you can see huge portions of North American wilderness destroyed and transformed into this quilt-work of mono-crop farmland.

Is this more ethical than eating animals? (which isn't arguably very ethical most of the time either)
Monocropping is a modern invention to allow machinery to increase production efficiency. I suppose ethicist variety of vegans and vegetarians would probably argue that more traditional methods of mixed crops would be preferred. It would also employ far more people, provisioning for their needs as well. Consequently, there's an argument to be made that it's economically more ethical as well.
Provincial and Local Politics / Re: Ontario Provincial Election 2018
« Last post by MH on Today at 06:28:49 am »
I would have been elated with an NDP government election when I was in my 20s.  Now I'm more pragmatic.  HOWEVER, a minority government of any flavour would be a good thing at this time IMO.

Any minority government paves the way for the Liberals to put a strong candidate in place to sweep the next election.  The PCs would be crazy to keep Ford given the graph above but he won't let go of the leadership.

I read somewhere that he's trailing in his riding.
General Discussion / Re: Is veganism more ethical?
« Last post by MH on Today at 06:26:36 am »
Also, those are sins of the past.  And they happened in an era where the buffalo was hunted to near-extinction so it's somewhat akin to applying the morals of one generation to the past.

They want to admonish the framers of western democracy for owning slaves.  Fair enough, but their greatness is still remarkable. 

Why is it to me that a lot of these qualitative discussions seem so similar, and similarly impossible to discuss in our broken public sphere ?  I feel like if we were able to come to a resolution on one of them, then we could do so on others too.
General Discussion / Re: Personal Stuff
« Last post by MH on Today at 06:21:57 am »
   When I do crave companionship, physical intimacy is one of the things I crave most.


Me too, but that's not sex either.  You can have physical intimacy and sex, but not from the same person... or from one person and yourself...
General Discussion / Re: Personal Stuff
« Last post by MH on Today at 06:18:57 am »
I'll have to work this into an upcoming episode.   I'm suspicious of this new guy. Maybe he works for Ooblik? 

Sorry to hear you're on unsteady ground. :(


I have 2 other interviews and I have never been in more demand.  It's more the sadness of having to leave again... and of being shunned.  It really does hurt.
General Discussion / Re: Personal Stuff
« Last post by kimmy on Today at 01:05:57 am »
Well, sure ... but curiosity didn't kill the cat, at least not right away...

I know... I just don't want to get caught up in some kind of Patrick Brown type of thing.

You seem to be at that age where you can trade up to older, or down to younger... or something.  When I was 32 I took a break from my 24-year old girlfriend to date a 50-year old.  The 24-year old was quite jealous and they almost met up at a play I was in.... hoo-boy. 

This encounter kind of caught me by surprise. I didn't go in with the intention of becoming a MILF-hunter. And the idea of being with someone that much older than me isn't normally something I'd be that interested in.  I had just sort of on a whim decided to view the property, as it's close by and I have always liked the house from the outside. I thought this might be my only chance to see the inside.  She's charismatic and engaging, as sales-people often are. She obviously puts a lot of work into her appearance... my guess is that she's in her early 50s, give or take. She's good looking for her age.  Tan, bleached hair, fairly fit, probably spends a fair amount of time on a treadmill or doing yoga or something like that. Implants, but not comedy-sized ones.  I don't have a lot of experience with real estate people, but it seems like many of them put a lot of work into their appearance. Anyway, she looks pretty good with clothes on, and I found myself wondering if she'd look good naked or if she'd have old lady wrinkles everywhere. Maybe she picked up on my curiosity, I dunno.  So we're getting together for drinks tomorrow. 

I just met up with a girl pal (never dated) from university last night.  Don't know how she does it - she is in her 50s and chubby and never goes without a guy for long.  She is on a break with her boyfriend, and right away met a younger dude who is pleasuring her while the boyfriend (none the wiser) figures out if he wants to commit to a relationship.  To those of you singles who meet people at the rate of one a year or more, congratulations.  I know many who go years without a date.  Maybe they don't try.

Some people are blessed with personality and people-skills that let them navigate social situations with ease.  Others are blessed with kim-bobbles.  If it came down to social skills and personality, I'd be so screwed.

Separate discussion with my gal pal from last night:

She said she would end a marriage over lack of sex, no question.  Would you ?  I would not.  I would end it through cruelty, or desperate circumstances but not that.  If love is there then I am showing up.

As I've mentioned before, I'm a severe introvert at heart, and the idea of wanting a constant companion is pretty alien to me. That makes the idea of marriage itself pretty alien to me... so maybe I'm not qualified to say what I'd end a marriage over.  When I do crave companionship, physical intimacy is one of the things I crave most.

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