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American Politics / Re: The Donald Trump Thread
« on: August 19, 2017, 01:05:58 pm »
That's extremely interesting!

That sharp rise at around 1900-- 35 years after the war ended-- suggests that maybe the people who remembered the war were dying off and the people who were children or not even born at the time of the war were coming to power... so maybe their notion of the Confederacy was based on romanticized ideas they learned as kids.

I was reading last week about a group called "The Daughters of the Confederacy", the group that put up the Jefferson Davis plaque in Montreal that was removed last week.  The Daughters, founded at about the same time-- 1894-- set out to promote a revisionist, romanticized view of the Confederacy. I think the 30 year gap is interesting.  It seems to indicate that conditions had to change before they could go ahead with. Maybe romanticizing the South couldn't proceed until people who actually remembered the Civil War died off... maybe romanticizing the South couldn't begin in earnest until kids raised on tales of Southern glory became adults.


Canadian Politics / Re: "Rebel Media" imploding this week
« on: August 19, 2017, 12:43:57 pm »
This excerpt from Ezra's statement highlights the cowardice of his position:

When I first heard of the alt-right a year ago, I thought it simply meant the insurgent right, the politically incorrect right, the grassroots right, the nationalistic right, the right that was a counterweight to the establishment of the GOP, the right that backed Trump and his "Make America Great Again" style over Jeb Bush and the swamp. It was unashamed right-wingedness, with a sense of humour.

Prominent alt-right personalities back then included the outrageous but loveable Milo Yiannopoulos, who just happened to be a half-Jewish gay man who preferred black men. I remember when Hillary Clinton made her bizarre campaign speech attacking the alt-right, and it sounded no different than any of her other “deplorables” insults, so that made me even more interested.

But the alt-right has changed into something new, especially since Trump’s election. Now the leading figure — at least in terms of media attention — is Richard Spencer, and other white nationalists. By that, I mean people whose central organizing political principle is race.

He says that Hilary's speech was "bizarre", then claims that the alt-right has changed. It was just zany irreverent fun and wacky Pepe The Frog memes and stuff, but then it changed.

It didn't change. This element was always there. Hilary was right all along. It didn't change. Everybody told you it was there, and you ignored it because you didn't want to see it. Ezra and his ilk played along and turned a blind eye to "the deplorables" because it was convenient for them, and they're only disavowing it now because it's no longer convenient.

You're a gutless puke, Ezra Levant.


Canadian Politics / Re: "Rebel Media" imploding this week
« on: August 19, 2017, 12:31:47 pm »
Well of course, they're always asking viewers to send them money for some cause or another.  "Support our coverage of this important issue!" etc.  I mean, they're not claiming to be a regulated charity and they're not suggesting your "donation" is tax deductible, so it really doesn't matter what they do with the money, does it?  I mean, if you decide to send "donations" to a private business, why would you feel scammed if they accept your money?


American Politics / Re: The Donald Trump Thread
« on: August 19, 2017, 12:26:14 pm »
There are multiple different issues here, and the white supremacy thing has overshadowed everything else, as it should.

Leaving that aside, we have:

 -people bringing weapons to public spaces in anticipation of confrontation.  -not cool.

 -does the US really need monuments to the Confederacy?  -I personally don't get it.

 -what's the best way to oppose speech we strongly disagree with?  -I am not sure.

 -what other ways are there to combat hate groups other than actual combat?

We've probably all seen the video of Richard Spencer getting punched in the head during an interview, and we probably all laughed because Richard Spencer probably deserves to get punched in the head.  But the reality is that we can't go around punching people in the head.


General Discussion / Re: Sex Culture
« on: August 19, 2017, 12:12:43 pm »
I think a lot of it was intuition.  She was just always "different".  Not in a bad way.  She always detested anything "girly".  Hated dresses, dressing up, loved all kinds of sports, very active.  I'm a girly-girl, so I recognized at the age of 2 or 3 that she was not and immediately gave up my dreams of dressing up my little girl in dresses and hairstyles.  We found other ways to connect as she grew up.  I took more of an interest in her interests and we found things we enjoyed doing together. 

I have wondered about why it seems like lesbians are drawn to sports. Like, of something like 30-40 female fighters in UFC, at least 6 of them are openly gay, which is a lot compared to the population at large. I think it's similar in basketball and soccer.  I was very into sports, and there wasn't any kind of conscious decision to disavow girly things... it just somehow happened, and long before I had any conscious idea of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Because of the religion, I knew at some point I would have to make a decision - shunning is required if your child leaves the religion or is gay.  I knew I wasn't going to give up my child - she is perfect in every way, loving, sociable, accepting, compassionate and generous.  So I made sure we had a good relationship before we left the religion and that she knew without a doubt, I wasn't going to abandon her.

This is so wonderful!  :-*  If I recall you were with the JWs before, right?  Was it your daughter that made you decide to leave? Or were you thinking about it before?  Was it hard to leave?

She says she is actually Bi, but she hasn't had a boyfriend since her teens.  She prefers women.  She came out to me when she was 15, but only just came out to her dad last year (she's 23 now.)  He basically pretends she isn't gay, on the rare occasions when she sees him (He's still in the religion).  He calls her grilfreind her "freind" and she corrects him - "Dad, she's my GIRLFRIEND."

Give it time... he might get used to it.


General Discussion / Re: Political Satire Thread
« on: August 19, 2017, 11:48:28 am »
This is small and petty, but I couldn't stop laughing.  30 things Steve Bannon looks like:

"Steve Bannon looks like a Greyhound bus smells."

"Steve Bannon looks like the only dude at a party who remains calm when the hooker dies."

"Steve Bannon looks like somebody you'd see screaming at a kids football game despite not being a coach or knowing any of the kids."


General Discussion / Re: Sex Culture
« on: August 19, 2017, 11:43:40 am »
This is going to sound awful and anti-man, but whatever...

I think I would actually prefer it if either of my daughters turned out gay.

When I told someone I used to exchange email with that I was gay, he half-jokingly asked if I had any tips on getting his 20 year old daughter to start dating girls instead of guys. He was distressed by the quality of guys his daughter was meeting. While I'm sure that every dad thinks his little girl is too good for the dimwits she's dating, I felt about the same when I was that age... the guys my age seemed to have nothing going on at all. When I did find a man I wanted to be with, he was 12 years older than me.

Also, I find the idea of raising kids today to be really scary and I'm kind of glad I don't have to do it. You're much braver than me.   There are so many worrying stories about all kinds of negative things happening in schools. Drugs, bullying, sexual violence, pressure to participate in all kinds of weird social trends, and the hypersexulaization of everything...  if your daughters were gay, an unplanned pregnancy would be at least one less thing to worry about...

I suppose it's only as awful as saying you would prefer it if they didn't.

Which isn't awful, in my opinion.  I think every parent has hopes and dreams for their children, and I'm sure that for many of them those hopes and dreams include finding a wonderful spouse and having a wonderful traditional family and wonderful grandchildren, and I don't see anything wrong with having that dream.

There are many advantages to heterosexual relationships, such as social acceptance, more romantic options and easier procreation so I don't think it's 'awful' if some parents would 'prefer' it.

What WOULD be awful is not accepting it or somewhere in the back of your mind hoping it's just a phase and wishing for the day they may end up changing their mind. 



American Politics / Re: The Donald Trump Thread
« on: August 18, 2017, 09:47:33 am »
Why does Trump support Confederates anyway?   Didn't Robert E Lee lose? I thought Trump only liked winners. War heroes that weren't captured, generals that didn't lose, etc.


Canadian Politics / "Rebel Media" imploding this week
« on: August 18, 2017, 01:31:12 am »
Grab some popcorn and check out the fun at Rebel Media.

Rebel contributor Faith Goldy was at the "Unite The Right" rally in Charlottesville, and was in fact just a few feet away when that bozo plowed his car into the protestors.  She had been, at the time, talking about what terrible and intolerant people the "anti-fascists" are.

Rebel Commander Ezra Levant says that he had requested that Goldy not attend the rally either as a Rebel Media reporter or as a private individual. But she did, and some of her co-workers were concerned that her coverage came across as sympathetic to the white nationalists.  Brian Lilley quit, citing concern over the editorial direction of Rebel Media. Barbara Kay and John Robson followed, expressing similar concerns.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has announced he will no longer do interviews with Rebel Media, as have Jason Kenney and Brian Jean (the two leaders of Alberta's "Unite The Right" movement, which aims to unite the Progressive Conservatives with the Wild Rose Party, as opposed to uniting White Nationalists with Neo Nazis.)  Canadian Conservatives clearly don't wish to be associated with a website that until this week has been breathlessly hyping alt-right ideas and personalities.

Then things got worse for our Rebel Commander, as it turns out that Faith Goldy also did a podcast with The Daily Stormer (a white supremacist website) while she was in Virginia.  At this point Ezra had no choice but to fire Faith, and he did exactly that today. Also today, contributor Gavin MacInnes cut ties with The Rebel as well.

As well, Norwegian Cruise Lines cancelled The Rebel's "Rebel Cruise", not wanting to be associated with these jerks either.    (Of the 4 people in that promo picture, 2 of them left the company today.   Who'd want to be stuck on a cruise ship with these jerks anyway?  Just imagining Ezra Levant in his swimsuit and Hawaiian shirt is traumatizing... who'd want to experience it in real life?  Levant no doubt wears socks with his sandals.   I am confident that people who spent money on this incredibly bad idea will receive refunds and have an opportunity to do something better with their money.)

Also, the advertiser boycott of The Rebel is up to 237 companies.

As if all that wasn't enough, Ezra faces more trouble on a different front, as former Rebel contributor Caolan Robertson released a video alleging that Ezra has been scamming donors and killed a story about the UK Independence Party committing electoral fraud because he was trying to recruit Nigel Farage as a contributor. (then Robertson asked viewers for donations so that he could start his own alt-right media company...)

So, fun times for Ezra Levant this week.  Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.


General Discussion / Re: All purpose music thread!
« on: August 16, 2017, 11:32:15 pm »
This is the Black Keys cover of a song by bluesman Junior Kimbrough.  I found this awe-inspiring.

I hadn't heard of Junior Kimbrough prior to hearing the Black Keys cover his music.  Here is Junior himself, playing at his own barbeque restaurant.  Listen to his guitar. This is wonderful.


General Discussion / Re: Sex Culture
« on: August 16, 2017, 11:12:13 pm »
I think it's becoming more and more accepted.  My daughter is gay.  I knew long before she came out to me when she was 15.

How did you know?  Was it intuition, or were there concrete things that you saw in her that told you?  This is interesting to me.

For me, there was never a Eureka moment...  I knew I was physically attracted to women from the time I was old enough to understand what physical attraction feels like. I had lots of opportunity to experiment as a teenager, but never thought of that as anything more than just play.  I guess for me the Eureka moment wasn't accepting that I felt attracted to women, it was in deciding that it didn't have to be just play, it could be more.

I was in a relationship with a wonderful man for a long time, and I think I could do that again if I met the right man. But that's not what I want right now. I didn't really even start sorting this stuff out until I was 24, and 10 years later I'm still not completely sure where I'm at.

I hope you meet someone wonderful, kimmy  :)

Thanks :)


General Discussion / Re: Sex Culture
« on: August 16, 2017, 10:42:52 pm »
I think the reason female same-sex relationships are more socially accepted is because men find the idea of two women together sexually arousing.  I know the word 'patriarchy' is frowned upon these days as non-existent, but the difference in accepting same-sex male relationships is a prime example of how we take a male view of acceptance.

I think this is probably a big part of it... there is a lot of lesbian porn around, mostly because many straight men enjoy it. I think that has normalized the idea of women making out.

As well, I recall seeing, years ago, a bumper sticker that read "I support same-sex marriage, if both chicks are hot."  While I'm sure that was intended as humor, I think that there's probably a lot of truth in it.  I think people probably like the idea of Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell getting frisky more than they like the idea of Rosie O'Donnell and Wanda Sykes getting frisky.

I forget though that I'm in a big city and it's still a little different in the smaller communities, so it's nice to hear that things are changing everywhere.  In 20 years from now I hope we're at a point where no matter the gender of the person and no matter the size of the community, these things don't matter.

I think people here might be less likely to be "out", and as a result fewer people actually know that they have gay people in their circle of friends or acquaintances. I am very cautious about who I let know. This is still redneck country.  My s.o. (maybe former s.o. now) lives in Vancouver most of the time, and she's pretty handsy in public, which I'm not completely comfortable with it. I was never big into public displays when I was with men either, so maybe it's just personality... but I think that maybe being in Vancouver gives her a feeling of comfort with it that I don't feel here.


American Politics / Re: The Donald Trump Thread
« on: August 15, 2017, 11:23:16 pm »
I do think there's an argument that the AntiFa people went there looking for a fight.

On the other hand, I also think that there's an argument that maybe if you go around with torches and white power flags and chant Nazi slogans, you should be expecting a fight.

There's an established legal precedent in the United States, that certain speech in and of itself constitutes a breach of the peace, under the general heading "Fighting Words".

In layman's terms: Talk Shit, Get Hit.


General Discussion / Re: Political Satire Thread
« on: August 15, 2017, 11:07:30 pm »
White nationalists marching at University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville.  Shocking.


American Politics / Re: The Donald Trump Thread
« on: August 15, 2017, 10:46:04 pm »
Trump has no values or principles of his own.   Even the white nationalists have values and principles they stand for, as wrong as they might be.  Not Trump.  Trump's only value or principle is doing what benefits Trump.  And as far as his short-sighted thinking is concerned, standing up for these Trump Voters is what he thinks suits his interests the best.


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