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Re: Wonder Woman
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I'm not sure genocide and gas chambers are exactly a social issue in recent times. I think the debate on those issues has been long settled, other than for a deranged few. *cough*cough*taxme*cough* 

The larger social issues are very relevant and will be for awhile.

uh... Lethal Weapon? I guess I missed the embedded social issues.

Anti-racism messages embedded throughout.  You missed them i guess.

 [ quote]As I mentioned I haven't seen a full episode of All In The Family, but my understanding is that the social commentary flowed organically from the premise, as opposed to "very special episodes" of sitcoms where the attempts at social commentary felt forced.   [/quote]

Ok - so another point in the spectrum then.


After a year where the first woman to run for President lost to a senile orange idiot, it feels like a win.

Congrats on your win then.