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Re: Wonder Woman
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Ok, so you are focussing on the phrase "tackle" and if we burst that apart we can find Wonder Woman is in that cohort of embedding social issues on the light end of the spectrum:

-Serious films that are directly written about social issues - preachy or not - such as Inherit the Wind, Philadelphia, Schindler's List

-Films that aren't about those issues but embed social issues within them - Birth of a Nation, Lethal Weapon

-Sitcoms and popular television that overtly put 'social episodes' together - Different Strokes, Soap, or All in the Family

-Sitcoms that embed minority characters for you to get to know the 'other' - Will & Grace, The Cosby Show

-Fantasy and sci-fi that buries the social themes, but are detectable - Wonder Woman, Handmaid's Tale


I think it's too simple to say that the producers are tapping into issues to make money.  Unlike others, I do accept that money is the prime driver and in some cases (Soap, All in the Family - Norman Lear in general) the idea seems to be to get viewers on the back of controversy.  But I also think that creators are artists, and as such they do have an agenda.

Wonder Woman as some kind of breakthrough still doesn't make complete sense to me, but if the chattering classes in my Facebook feed are any indication maybe there's something to it.