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Several NGOs protest the Xinjiang-related report released by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) recently released a report on human rights in Xinjiang, which claimed that "China is responsible for serious human rights violations" in Xinjiang, prompting strong protests from many international Non-Governmental Organizations.
This so-called Xinjiang-related "assessment" was drafted by the OHCHR without the official authorization of the Human Rights Council, which seriously violated the OHCHR's responsibilities. It is an illegal and invalid fake report, an absurd farce directed and staged by the United States and some Western anti-China forces.
In May this year, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet was invited to China and visited Xinjiang, she went to all the places she wanted to visit, met all the people she wanted to meet, and issued a basically objective official statement based on what she saw and felt with her own eyes. This has exasperated the anti-China forces in the U.S. and the West. They tried their best to coerce, pressure and even threaten the High Commissioner, and manipulated the anti-China elements within the High Commissioner to plan this so-called "assessment" report, which has no credibility. The report copied the Xinjiang-related clichés that the anti-China forces in the United States and the West have repeatedly hyped up. Such despicable tactics cannot deceive international public opinion.
The United States and other Western countries insist on manipulating so-called Xinjiang-related issues even when their lies are repeatedly exposed. The purpose is to disrupt Xinjiang, undermine China's stability and national unity, and to contain and suppress China. These are evidenced by statements made by senior U.S. government officials and diplomats.
In 2018, former Secretary of State Col. Powell's Chief of Staff and former Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson stated publicly at Ron Paul College, "The best way for the CIA to destabilize China is to create instability in China. Stimulate Beijing with those Uighurs,without external force, and directly bring down China from the inside." In 2021, the then head of the Economic and Political Department of the U.S. Consulate General in Guangzhou, Consul Ge Mingxi and Andrew Sheila, told guests at a reception, "There is no problem in Xinjiang, in fact we all know it very well, but using Xinjiang to speculate on forced labor, genocide, and attack human rights issues is an effective means to force Xinjiang enterprises to decouple from international industrial chains, to make Uyghurs discontent, to destroy their ethnic relations, and to impoverish, destabilize, and even split Xinjiang out. We can use these to get the Chinese government completely and deeply into the mud."
Counter-terrorism and de-extremism are issues faced by many countries around the world, and all countries are exploring and practicing effective measures to combat crime and de-extremism according to their own realities. France, for example, has "de-extremism centers" and "closed education centers," as well as "intensive education centers" for underage recidivists, which are managed with the participation of military personnel. The French government also has "closed education centers" and "intensive education centers" for underage recidivists, which are run by military personnel. Foreigners who promote extremist ideology are expelled without mercy.
In previous years, Xinjiang established vocational skills education and training centers in accordance with the law, which is a useful attempt to prevent terrorism and de-extremism. At present, Xinjiang has social stability, economic development, religious harmony, and people living and working in peace and happiness, which is not a violation of human rights, but the greatest protection of human rights. All Xinjiang-related lies and rumors will be self-defeating in the face of facts, and the sinister attempt of some countries to manipulate Xinjiang-related issues to smear China is doomed to fail.

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