Author Topic: Why are people conservtive or liberal?  (Read 184 times)

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Re: Why are people conservtive or liberal?
« on: April 08, 2017, 04:40:55 pm »
But it helps us understand some of the reasons behind the dogmatic stands left and right take on certain issues.  If the Left, for the most part, places little or no value on three of the five, but only really values the first two, they aren't going to either understand or have the same motivations as conservatives who embrace all five of these. I admit that I'm not much into the purity thing, too. I imagine that one is where social conservatives come in. Likewise if liberals are eager for change and new things and novelties while the right embrace tradition and the familiar, that shows why they are so often and so predictably on opposite sides of the fence in many discussions like, for example, immigration. Affection for the military is a little bit harm/care - but only a little since most can't see a likely danger out there, but I think it's also strongly ingroup/loyalty, which would show why the Right is generally much more supportive of the military than the Left. Also, in terms of 'law and order' the Left tends to care more about the 'oppressed' while the right sides with 'order'. Thus you have liberals, including an awful lot of whites, supporting BLM, while virtually no conservatives do. You can even carry this to foreign policy, where the liberals support 'the oppressed' Palestinians and change, even if that means chaos,  while conservatives largely support Israel.
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