Author Topic: Why are people conservtive or liberal?  (Read 184 times)

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Re: Why are people conservtive or liberal?
« on: April 08, 2017, 01:15:05 pm »

That was an interesting video, and quite thought-provoking.

On "purity/sanctity"... I simply don't see any inherent value in it.  He mentions purity of food as a member of this category... for me, beyond standards of safety (ie, the water that comes from your tap shouldn't contain lead, the meat that comes from the store shouldn't contain bacteria, and so on...) I don't see any value in "purity" at all. (I would personally file food regulations under "harm/care", because it's a matter of safety and security, not a moral issue.)

On "authority/respect"... I still believe in these as important things in society... the rule of law is of paramount importance.  Unfortunately, my trust in our institutions has been badly shaken in recent years. Whether it be our law enforcement personnel or our political institutions or our business and financial system, none of it works as great as I thought it did when I was younger.  I think this, more than any of these other areas, is where my views have shifted over the years.

On "ingroup/loyalty"... I understand what he's saying, I've long believed that our natural instinct to form "tribes" in one form or another is one of the most significant forces in human behavior and shapes everything we do. I think it's a factor in the way we do politics. I think mainstream Christianity in the US is more tribal than moral or philosophical right now... it manifests as an Us vs Everybody Else attitude rather than a What Would Jesus Do philosophy. Next week I will be donning my Oilers jersey and cheering loudly in local establishments alongside other Oilers fans who I've never even met.  Bitter jealous Canucks fans will no doubt be heckling us.

But I view this as a hard-wired instinct we have, not something that has inherent value.

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