Author Topic: Why are people conservtive or liberal?  (Read 184 times)

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Re: Why are people conservtive or liberal?
« on: April 08, 2017, 10:39:22 am »
I was watching this video regarding the morality and values of small l liberals vs small c conservatives by Jonathan Haidt. It's quite interesting in how Haidt shows how certain types of people, based on the value they place in certain things, become conservative or liberal, and about how you can define them. Basically, open people become liberals and closed people become conservatives. Haidt divides our moral foundations into five categories. Liberals speak for the weak and oppressed. They want change and justice, even at the risk of chaos. Conservatives speak for institutions and traditions. They want order, even at some cost to those at the bottom.

Haidt puts our sense of morality into five distinct categories.


They had some 30,000 people answer their questions about what they care about. Liberals not only prioritize the first two, they basically place virtually no importance whatever on the others. Conservatives, on the other hand, embrace all five, and it's the same in every country and society. So the argument, at base, is not about the first two, but about the next three. I thought the video was quite entertaining and enlightening. Haidt is a very good speaker.

I think people are conservative and liberal, depending on the issue at hand.  I certainly am.
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