Author Topic: White Protestant Male Narratives... on the wane  (Read 341 times)

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Re: White Protestant Male Narratives... on the wane
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Chinese, Indonesian, and Pakistanis do not have the social capital to modify American culture. You're talking about individual groups and I'm talking about the dominant culture in the United States that values wealth by literally any means.

If they valued wealth by any means there'd be a lot less social welfare programs. I grant you that the uber rich, some of them, particularly those like the Koch brothers, certainly seem to fall into the category you're describing. I do not think they constitute a dominant culture. Most people work as hard as they think they need to to acquire the lifestyle they can. It's no different in China or India or Malaysia.

And the Chinese who come to America don't work harder, but less hard. They're still very ... focused... on acquiring the skillset and education to make their labor highly valuable, though, and they didn't acquire that need through absorbing US culture.
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