Author Topic: White Protestant Male Narratives... on the wane  (Read 250 times)

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Re: White Protestant Male Narratives... on the wane
« Reply #15 on: April 26, 2018, 12:40:00 pm »
Plus, if you want to talk about tribes, will the future be filled with a worldwide caliphate as Muslims continue to have 4-5 kids apiece while Christianity fades away, too busy having fun to procreate?

The whole point is that when the come here and experience a quality of living that isn't made better by dealing with a rug rat to take care of, they won't have 4-5 kids either.

Being able to take nice vacations and eat good food are more appealing than populating the world with more fundamentalists. Regardless of religion or ethnicity.

And the point was made earlier that there are plenty poor white "Chreeestians" that fulfill the procreating needs for white people.
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