Author Topic: White Protestant Male Narratives... on the wane  (Read 341 times)

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Re: White Protestant Male Narratives... on the wane
« on: April 25, 2018, 06:56:38 pm »
The anecdotal evidence I see supports this.  The brokest, dumbest white-people I know are having lots of kids, while the smarter and more successful ones are carefully strategizing their child-raising plans so that the financial resources, career impacts, home ownership details, and so-on are all carefully accounted for. I suspect it's not just white-people doing this either.   In natural selection terms, intelligence and planning are now negative traits that are actively weeded out of the gene pool by causing birth-rates.

Uh... yeah. I hadn't gotten that, but it makes sense. We briefly discussed this a few weeks back, talking about how to increase the birth rate, and I pointed out poor people have more kids than rich people. So money isn't the issue. So what IS the issue?

If the poor are made up, as they are likely to be, of people with lower intellectual capabilities, drive, motivation, whatever, and they're having a lot of kids... and the more economically successful, which aside from those who inherit wealth would logically be made up of the best, the brightest, are too busy to have kids, then what's that going to do to our future?

It was once simply assumed, culturally, that marriage and children was everyone's destiny. It was why you were here. Now personal enjoyment is why we're here, and kids get in the way of that. It's harder to get promoted if you have to go home to take care of the kids, and taking that extra week in the Bahamas becomes less affordable. Plus you might have to settle for a Toyota rather than that Volvo you want. So what would motivate people to have more kids, if it's not a money thing?
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