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Re: What are you reading?
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A while ago I watched the "Manhunt: Unibomber" mini-series on Netflix.  I give that a very high recommendation.  He's a fascinating guy, extremely intelligent.

So I just recently read most of his lengthy manifesto, published in the Washington Post many years ago before he was caught, as part one of his "demands".  His thesis was essentially that technology post-industrial revolution, despite what its achieved, is decaying society, destroying humanity & the planet etc, so we must revolt against technology and destroy it, using violence to achieve this revolution if necessary.  Though his manifesto didn't seem violent whatsoever, despite his own behaviour.  He was clearly a bit touched.

The problem with this thesis is that this would have to be done worldwide at the same time, and even if 1 country decided not to follow suit, that 1 country would conquer every other country & dominate the planet with its technology.  Odd but interesting read.
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