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Re: What are you reading?
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Currently I am reading a book a friend from Spain sent to me as a birthday gift called "Classic Tapas" edited by Rafael de Haro. If you're into that kind of food it's a great book and so far I haven't burned down the house. (well at least not literally).
But on a more serious note, a previous Christmas I let my family know I wouldn't be able to come by to help decorate the tree as I had to go to work over that time. An uncle of mine, who always gave me books, this time gave me a copy of "Where Men Win Glory" by Jon Krakauer. Of course the book focuses on Pat Tillman and his US military service and unfortunate death in Afghanistan. but it turned out also to be a pretty good history lesson, especially for me who didn't know much about the country. I hastily stuffed that book in my travel bag since I was also heading to Afghanistan. I was there a month and traveled most every day, and read some more of the book every night. A rather riveting event that occurred was when the day after having read the chapter which describes the one room mosque just south of Kandahar where Mohammed Omar essentially created the Taliban, I was on a Canadian military base just south of Kandahar, and I was able to arrange a lift over to that mosque. Now I hasten to add I'm no fan of the Taliban, but it was certainly an interesting experience.
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