Author Topic: Welcome to Canadian winter for all our Vancouver friends  (Read 384 times)

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We have two dogs, both small and we live in a quiet suburb where snow removal is non-existent and a lot of people don't shovel their sidewalk.  Walking has been impossible.  I took them down to a trail for a walk and we were sliding all over the place. 

At least we shoveled parts of the yard for them and they have each other to play with and burn energy, but they're getting cabin fever badly too.

ETA - oops, I meant to quote dia's post where she was talking about her dogs.  And thank you for the sympathy, cyber!  :)

Yeah, cabin fever for dogs - I have a small yard where they could play together a bit but the fearful one isn't comfortable in the yard, not even for doing his business.   The next storm is scheduled for later today and tomorrow, so I'm taking them out to a friend's where they can run free in a large fenced yard - not sure what would happen if I didn't have this option.   Yesterday was a better day for this, but had to visit SO in hospital and can't fit both activities into one day.   We've agreed it's ok if I visit him every other day.  Not sure what will happen tomorrow, if transit doesn't run he won't be seeing me.  Not paying $20 for parking, dammit!